FAQ: How Do I Get My ATM Serviced?

Author Justin Gilmore

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For most business owners, having an ATM machine is a great way to earn extra income. Most machines take up little space and ultimately pay for themselves. The best part is that modern ATMs rarely have major malfunctions that prevent them from working for long periods of time. Of course, like anything else, problems will occasionally pop up, so it’s important to know how to get help for different types of ATM servicing.


Obviously, installation is the first service you’ll need after purchasing an ATM. Luckily, if you buy your ATM from a reputable company, like AtmMachines.com, LLC, they will have their own certified technician handle the installation process at a reasonable fee. On top of that, the technician will usually install signs directing customers to your new ATM. They will also train you and employees on how to use the machine, telling you everything you need to know about taking care of an ATM.


Aside from the machine itself, ATMs require a few added supplies to ensure they run properly. There is equipment to make the ATM wireless so that it can connect to a banking network and make transactions. There is also receipt paper inside the machine, as well as decals on the machine providing information for customers. If you buy your ATM from an established company within the industry, they can usually sell you any supplies you need at a fair cost and sell or lease all the necessary equipment to keep your ATM running properly.


Modern ATMs rarely require serious repairs, but it does happen on occasion. In such instances, your first call should always be to the company that sold you the machine. Regardless of whether the machine has any kind of warranty, most ATM companies will employ technicians that can fix the problem. They also supply any parts that may need to be replaced. Also, because ATM malfunctions are so rare, it’s usually a safe assumption that the technician can attend to the problem in a short period of time, helping to limit the time you’re without use of your ATM.

Technical Support

Most companies that sell ATMs also provide technical support, which is usually available 24 hours a day. Many of the issues that pop up with ATMs are minor and can be fixed by the owner with a little help and guidance from a tech person. Even over the phone, tech people can usually diagnose the problem and either give instructions on correcting the problem or notify a technician who can come by and fix the machine as soon as possible.

The Place To Go

One of the best places to go for ATM purchasing and servicing is National ATM Wholesale. Our company not only has plenty of ATM models to choose from, but we offer 24/7 servicing and have competitive prices when it comes to installation, supplies, and repairs.

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