Lottery ATMs

If you own or manage a gas station or convenience store that sells lottery tickets, you know the challenges involved. Selling Quick Pick, Mega Millions, Powerball, and state lottery tickets can be time-consuming and inconvenient. It can take away from time spent waiting on other customers, even sometimes resulting in lost business. A lottery ATM can streamline your lottery sales, enabling you to serve all your customers better while generating additional revenue. Contact to learn more about this innovative solution.

How Do Lottery ATMs work?

As its name suggests, a lotto ATM is an ATM configured to sell lottery tickets. It allows your customers to buy tickets on their own without taking up time and space at the cashier counter.

All it takes is a simple software upgrade from Linq3 to turn many ATMs into lotto machines. When your customer makes a withdrawal using a credit card or debit card, they will have the option to choose cash for a normal transaction or buy five, 10, or 20 lottery tickets at a time. At the end of the transaction, the lottery tickets are printed right on the ATM receipt. The funds are debited from the customer’s bank account, just like the cash would be.

If the customer scores a winning ticket worth $600 or less (i.e., the taxable limit), the payout is deposited directly into their account. For winning numbers that earn larger prizes or the jackpot, these winning tickets must be redeemed at a local lottery office.

Benefits of Lottery ATMs for Business Owners

  • Simplifies the sale of lotto tickets. It eliminates congestion at the counter and makes paying for cash-only lottery tickets a thing of the past.
  • It improves customer satisfaction. Customers who aren’t buying lottery tickets won’t be annoyed with long lines anymore, and those who come to buy tickets are more than willing to wait their turn at the ATM.
  • It can be a huge revenue boost. Between not losing customers at the counter and the ATM sales themselves, most business owners who have a lottery ATM in their store tend to see major revenue increases.

Lottery ATM FAQ

How secure are lottery ATMs?

Like most current ATM models, lottery ATMs are highly secure because they run on encrypted networks and are equipped with tamper-proof technologies. For answers to more specific questions about the security features of lottery ATMs, contact us directly.

Which states allow the use of debit cards to buy lottery tickets?

The answer to this question is complex because the laws of every state are different. Some states allow customers to use either debit cards or credit cards to purchase lottery tickets; others allow one but not the other. Certain states, like New York, leave the decision up to the retailer. North Carolina recognizes debit card purchases as cash, while South Carolina is strictly cash-only. Your best bet is to contact the local lottery office to learn the rules in your particular state.

What are the best locations for a Lottery ATM?

The lotto ATM makes a perfect addition to gas stations and convenience stores. It also does well in malls, office buildings, sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, grocery stores, and other retailers. For best results with in-store ATM placement, look for a spot with high visibility and foot traffic, preferably one that doesn’t create interference with your counter traffic.

Learn More about Lottery ATMs

If you’re interested in learning more about how a lottery ATM can help your business while improving revenue streams, we’re happy to help! Contact today to learn more about lottery ATMs.