Genmega ATM Machines

Since coming on the market in 2006, Genmega has quickly established itself as one of the most reputable brands in the ATM industry. Known for its cutting-edge engineering and attractive designs, Genmega ATM machines provide amazing reliability at reasonable prices., LLC is pleased to offer six of Genmega’s most popular product lines to help you meet the needs of your customers.

Genmega G2500 Series

ATM SalesThe G2500 is the perfect ATM machineĀ  both for off-premise locations and retail stores. It comes standard with a full array of features, but also includes upgrade options and additional hardware configuration choices to individualize each machine to the location it serves. Some of the key features of the Genmega G2500 ATM include:

  • 8-inch high-resolutionwide-screen LCD (upgradable to a 10.2-inch touch screen)
  • Integrated topper with custom branding capability
  • Numerous removable cassettecash dispenser options, plus support for dispensers from other equipment suppliers
  • DIP card reader, EMV optional
  • Receipt printer with graphics-capable upgrades available
  • ADA features such as voice guidance and accessible keypad

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Genmega Onyx

The Genmega Onyx provides a fantastic all-around solution for almost any market, including hotels, gas stations, bars, clubs, retail facilities and more. It offers the perfect combination of current technology in a sleek modern design designed for maximum visual impact. Some of the features of the Onyx include:

  • 2-inch wide LCD screen (upgradable to a 12-inch touch screen)
  • Security reflective front and touch keypad for customer privacy
  • ADA compliant
  • Optional LED topper
  • Numerous cash cassette dispenser options, supports dispensers from other equipment suppliers, plus a presenter option
  • DIP card reader, EMV optional

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Genmega Onyx-W

Part of the Onyx series, this sleek ATM machine is specifically designed as a wall ATM or for countertop installations. While the Onyx-W offers fewer upgrade options than other models, it comes equipped with a robust suite of security features. In addition, it uses the same modules and functions found in other Genmega ATM models, allowing for interchangeable spare parts if needed. Features of the Onyx-W ATM include:

  • High-resolution 10.1-inch LCD screen
  • Light-up touch function keys
  • EMV card reader
  • 2-inch standard receipt printer
  • 1000-note removable cassette dispenser secured by electronic lock
  • ADA-compliant

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Genmega GT3000

ATM SalesDesigned as a true through-the-wall ATM machine, the Genmega GT3000 offers all the features and options of standalone retail Genmega ATMs in a compact, weather-resistant chassis. This makes the GT3000 an excellent choice for kiosks, outdoor spaces or minimal spaces. It also uses the same components as other Genmega models, making repair and maintenance a breeze. Features of the Genmega GT3000 include:

  • 7-inch diagonal 32-bit color LCD screen
  • 2-inch standard receipt printer
  • High visibility LED sign
  • ADA compliant features
  • DIP card reader, EMV optional
  • Optional rear service panel

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Genmega GT5000

ATM SalesDesigned to look like a full bank ATM, the Genmega GT5000 is a high-performance through-the-wall ATM perfect for outdoor and indoor walls and kiosks. It uses components and modules interchangeable with other Genmega models for easy maintenance, and it includes an array of powerful security features as well. Features of the Genmega GT5000 include:

  • 15-inch High Bright color LCD panel
  • 3-inch receipt printer
  • 16-key alpha numeric backlit keypad
  • ADA compliant features
  • DIP card reader, EMV optional
  • Secure touchscreen rear-service panel

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Genmega G1900

ATM SalesRugged, versatile and customizable, the Genmega G1900 ATM is designed for the specific needs of the competitive retail market. It provides a nice array of security and convenience features on a flexible platform so you can tailor it to your space and traffic volume. Features of the Genmega G1900 include:

  • 8-inch high-resolution LCD screen
  • 2-inch receipt printer
  • Numerous cash cassette dispenser options
  • ADA compliant features
  • DIP card reader, EMV optional
  • Optional high-brightness topper

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