Bitcoin ATM Services

Owning a Bitcoin ATM is a profitable endeavor. To help business owners and entrepreneurs access the lucrative business opportunity, we have established two cryptocurrency ATM partnerships that offer anyone an easy and accessible way to enter the growing digital tokens market. Read on to learn more about how you can install and own a Bitcoin ATM with our plug-and-play programs.

The Bitcoin ATM placement program

The Bitcoin ATM Placement Program is a unique profit-share system for business owners who want to install a Bitcoin ATM (BTM) on-premise without owning the kiosk outright.

In exchange for free BTM placement, you can earn a piece of the kiosk’s profits. Limit your ownership risk, processing fees, and management expenses, all while providing your customers with convenient access to popular Bitcoin exchanges.

We make the entire Bitcoin ATM placement process hassle-free — you simply provide the location. The program is ideal for those who want access to the valuable BTM market without any upfront time or costs.

Benefits of Bitcoin ATM placement

Through the Bitcoin ATM Placement Program, you employ us as your BTM placement partner, offering you several key benefits:

  • Provide a safe and convenient method for your customers to buy Bitcoin
  • Drive increased foot traffic to your business
  • Capture new customer markets that are eager to buy Bitcoin
  • Earn profit through our revenue sharing model
  • Hold no ownership over the kiosk, reducing upkeep and maintenance costs
  • Limit your exposure to risk
  • Enjoy flat rent rates

The Bitcoin ATM Ownership program

The Bitcoin ATM Ownership program is a turnkey business partnership that allows entrepreneurs to own and operate a Bitcoin ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs are a profitable business opportunity, but ownership involves several barriers that can impede your kiosk’s installation and potential revenues. For example, cryptocurrency exchange logistics, machine maintenance, state payment service signups, and compliance requirements all include upfront costs and can take up to six months to prepare.

The Bitcoin ATM Ownership program solves those challenges for you because we handle the technical and legal hurdles associated with owning a BTM.

Own a cryptocurrency machine (and its profits) without the startup costs and service hassles. If you are unsure how to begin your Bitcoin ATM journey, this program is designed for you.

A unique BTM ownership program

The Bitcoin ATM ownership program is a first of its kind, and it gives you unrestricted access to Bitcoin customer markets and the benefits of cryptocurrency ATMs. As your partner, you can piggyback off our cryptocurrency infrastructure, ensuring your Bitcoin ATM investment maintains an efficient and robust ROI:

  • Use our existing armored carrier services at a flat rate
  • Exchange our Bitcoins, removing any liquidity requirements that could stretch your bank limits
  • Access fiat or Bitcoin funds through our processors. No need for a hot wallet sign up
  • Join our compliance programs and connect with our compliance officer for easy regulatory approval
  • Have your purchased equipment prepared, shipped and installed for you
  • Remove all payment processing procedures, as we will handle that for you

Since we manage nearly every aspect of your Bitcoin ATM installation for you, all you need to do is purchase and place your kiosk. Set it and forget it!

As the sole owner of your Bitcoin Kiosk, you earn a profit through fees levied to your customers, with rates as high as 15-20% of each transaction. Our 6% fee applies once you process a user transaction —we only make money when you make money! For a $12-16k investment, the average break-even point takes 8 to 12 months. From then on, enjoy pure profits.


  • What can I expect to earn from the BTM placement program?

    Profitability varies according to several different factors such as transaction volume, location, and consumer access. On average, you can charge fees between 15-20% on each transaction and reach a break-even point after 8 to 12 months.

  • Do I need to set up my own hot wallet for my BTM?

    We use our hot wallet infrastructure and Bitcoin access to facilitate your customers’ exchanges. Do not worry about signing up for a hot wallet or any liquidity requirements outside your fiat bank.

  • Who does cash collections for your Bitcoin ATMs?

    We offer an armored carrier pickup with reputable transport services. We have a locked-in rate of $80 per pickup nationwide. Cash transfers are automated once $10k in fiat cash is collected.

  • How much does it cost to own a Bitcoin ATM?

    On your own, the initial overhead costs can exceed $10k in addition to monthly fees (for more information on costs, click here). With our Bitcoin ATM ownership program, you only pay 6% processing fees and minimal flat fees (e.g., armored carrier pickups and machine rents).

Contact, LLC today to learn more about our Bitcoin ATM placement and ownership programs.