Bitcoin ATM Business

Top 3 Challenges of Setting Up a Bitcoin ATM Company

Entrepreneurs and business owners are rapidly entering the Bitcoin ATM (BTM) market. Global installations of cryptocurrency ATMs have increased by more than 70% in 2021, continuing the 120% growth rate demand set in 2020. As a form of investment, people are taking advantage of the lucrative profits available from a well-run Bitcoin ATM company. While…

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Gas stations are a reliable place to find an ATM.

Are Bitcoin ATMs Legal in New York?

Bitcoin’s surge in popularity has contributed to a rapid increase in Bitcoin ATM (BTM) installations. Previously, governments used to frown upon the exchange of Bitcoin. The decentralized, anonymous, and private nature of cryptocurrencies seemed unsecured, and since no official regulatory body governed digital tokens, Bitcoin ATMs felt like a legal grey area. Nowadays, you might…

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