Who are National ATM Wholesale’s customers?, LLC prides itself on doing more than just selling and placing ATMs. We build relationships with our clients and customers that last decades. Wondering who are our customers? Well, to put it simply, they are business owners just like you.

Why should I install an ATM inside my business?

Having an ATM inside your business boasts serious benefits. Did you know customers are up to 50 percent more likely to spend cash withdrawn from your ATM in your establishment? In addition to increasing your profits, other benefits of installing an ATM include:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Keeping current customers happy
  • Reducing credit card processing fees
  • Reducing the number of bad checks written in your establishment
  • Providing you with additional revenue

Many of our customers opt to buy an ATM at prices that typically range between $2,000 and $2,500, an investment that pays for itself quickly because you keep 100 percent of the surcharges. Others opt to take part in our ATM Placement Program, a program that is completely free to you and does not require you to do anything other than allow us to place the machine inside your business. In exchange, you receive a percentage of all revenue.

What businesses does, LLC work with?

If you own or manage a retail store, hospitality business, or entertainment venue, placing an ATM in high traffic areas can change the way you operate. Some of our clients include:

  • Gas stations and convenience stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Casinos
  • Nightclubs and bars
  • Restaurants
  • Hotels
  • Shopping malls
  • Sports stadiums
  • Theaters and concert venues

Of course, this is just as sample of the type of stores and venues we work with. To learn more about whether your business could benefit from adding an ATM, call, LLC at 1-866-295-2329. We can answer all of your questions and even set you up with the perfect machine today!