New York ATM Machines, LLC is one of the largest providers of ATM sales and placements in the state of New York. We work in areas like Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Nassau, Livingston, Yates, Fulton, Albany, Oswego and Warren to help business owners find the perfect machine for their location. We also work with both large and small businesses, whether you want to purchase an ATM or take part in one of our New York ATM Placement Programs.

New York ATM Sales

In the past, owning an ATM was out of the question for many New York business owners simply because of the price, but today, prices are much lower and typically range between $2,000 and $2,500. In the right setting, it is an investment that pays for itself within weeks. Customers even expect to find an ATM machine in locations like gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, nightclubs, bars, grocery stores, hotels, casinos and other entertainment venues.

Studies have shown that customers who use ATMs inside a location are up to 50 percent more likely to spend the cash they withdrawal in that location. So, not only do they attract new customers who are looking for convenient 24/7 access to their cash, but you earn more profits, too.

Free New York ATM Placement Program

Owning an ATM may not be right for your business, but you can still take advantage of having one on the premises through our free New York ATM Placement Program. This means we place one of our ATMs inside your business at no cost to you. We set it up, maintain it, and even keep it filled with cash. You simply sit back and earn a percentage of the revenue from each transaction while spending your time running your business. That money is then deposited into your bank account daily.

New York ATM Partnership Program

Another option that requires you to be a little more hands on is the New York ATM Partnership Program. Again, we provide your business with one of our ATMs, and we handle everything except keeping it stocked with cash. That becomes your job, and in exchange, you earn half of all revenue. Just like with other programs, the money is deposited into your account each day.

New York ATM Company

No matter how you decide to add an ATM to your New York business, it is important to choose a company you can trust., LLC has two decades of experience matching business owners with the right machine. We also have full-time, in-house certified technicians who service and repair ATMs at competitive prices. Although our home office is located in Atlanta, Georgia, we work with vendors and merchants across the country. New York is one of our top sales and placement areas.

Call us today at 1-866-295-2329 to let us know what type of payments you accept, your hours, your location, how much foot traffic you see, and whether you need an ATM for the indoors or outside. We will match you with the perfect machine for your customers and your business.