Grocery Store ATM

Customers have come to expect a grocery store to have an ATM on the premises, whether it’s a national chain or a small independent shop, or even a convenience store. ATMs at grocery stores provide your customers with the opportunity to access their cash in a safe environment, and it makes shopping for food and other necessities more convenient than ever. At, we offer grocery store owners and managers numerous options to add ATMs to their locations.

Advantages of ATMs in Grocery Stores

There is essentially no downside to making an ATM available to grocery store customers. Some of the benefits:

  • Customers who prefer paying with cash can get access to their funds easily.
  • Potential increase in profits for the grocery store. Studies have shown that customers who withdraw cash in a retail location are up to 50% more likely to spend some or all that cash inside the store where the ATM is located.
  • You can earn additional revenue from transaction fees.

Grocery Store ATM Options

Placing an ATM in your place of business is a fairly straightforward process. Let’s look at a few options to consider.

Buying an ATM

ATMs were once thought to be too expensive for many business owners, but today you can own one outright for approximately $2,000 to $2,500. The best part is that it can pay for itself pretty quickly, sometimes within a few weeks. While you must take responsibility for stocking the machine with cash, ATM ownership through gives you free ATM processing, programming, and training, plus access to 24/7 technical support and real-time online monitoring and reporting. Additionally, every dollar earned from surcharge revenue is 100% yours, put into your account daily through direct deposit.

ATM Placement Program

If owning or leasing an ATM seems like too much responsibility right now, our ATM Placement Program is an easier option. To participate in this turnkey solution, you agree to allow to place one of our machines inside your grocery store. We provide free ATM placement, and we take care of maintenance and the cash supply. You sit back and earn a percentage of the revenue from transactions. The money is deposited into the account of your choice daily.

ATM Partnership Program

The ATM Partnership Program is similar to the ATM Placement Prograexcepton that you are responsible for maintaining the machine’s cash levels. We still own the ATM, but you receive 50% of the ATM fees deposited into your account daily.

Grocery Store ATM FAQ

What types of ATMs are best for a grocery store?

Wall units and standalone ATMs can both work well inside a grocery store. The advantage of a standalone machine is that you have the option of experimenting with locations to see what works best. A wall unit, meanwhile, is easier to keep secure. Take a look at our available ATMs to see what works best for your location.

How do you handle ATM maintenance and repairs?

If you are participating in our ATM placement program or ATM partnership program, we own the machine and handle all repairs and maintenance needs free of charge. If you own your machine, we provide high-quality ATM repair services at a reasonable cost.

Do you have advice on ATM placement?

For grocery stores and other retail ATMs, you want to be sure your ATM is in a prominent place that is well-lit, easy to see, and easy to access. You also want to provide good signage for your machine so customers can spot it easier, especially in larger stores. Click here for more ATM placement tips.

What if I decide to start my own ATM business?

The revenue from your ATM may be so rewarding that you might want to consider starting your own ATM business, as well. offers a complete online course covering all the basics for starting your own ATM business and building a solid stream of passive income. Click here to learn more about the course.

Learn More About Grocery Store ATMs

If you’re ready to explore the best ATM solution for your grocery store, we’re here to help! To learn more about any of these programs, contact today.