Casino ATMs

When gambling in a casino, customers need a steady supply of cash, whether they’re playing slot machines or buying chips for the blackjack tables. If a customer runs low on funds and can’t find convenient cash access, they will find another place to spend their money. That’s why casinos and ATMs are a match made in heaven. At, we have spent the last 16 years bringing ATMs to casino establishments through sales and partnerships.

Whether you operate a major casino in Las Vegas or Atlantic City or a local casino in hundreds of other cities across the United States, the key to profitability is to keep your customers in your casino for as long as possible. Providing ATM service on the premises is one of the best ways to do just that. Your customers can make an ATM withdrawal from their bank account or credit union using their ATM card or debit card. If the customer reaches their daily withdrawal limit, they can also use the machine to get a credit card cash advance. Our machines also accept the Armed Forces Financial Network (AFFN) card, which means any military personnel can withdrawal cash anywhere in the world. They even accept government assistance cards (EBT) for cash.

Casino ATM Options offers a variety of paths to get a high-quality ATM installed in your casino. Take a look at these options to determine which one is best for your casino.

Buying an ATM Outright

When you own an ATM outright, you get to keep 100% of the surcharges from ATM transactions. Prices for ATMs are fairly low at approximately $2,000 to $2,500, and they typically pay for themselves pretty quickly. Any revenue you earn is deposited into your checking account daily. Other perks of buying an ATM for your casino include:

  • 100% free ATM processing
  • Online ATM monitoring and reporting
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Free training
  • Free programming

ATM Placement Program

If owning an ATM is not right for you at the moment, the Casino ATM Placement Program is a great alternative. Under this program, we provide your casino with an ATM at no cost to you. We deliver it, install it, and handle all maintenance and cash vaulting. We retain ownership of the machine, but you earn a percentage of the revenue from each transaction.

ATM Partnership Program

The Casino ATM Partnership Program is similar to the ATM Placement Program; the primary difference is that you are responsible for providing the cash. We still deliver and install an ATM at your casino, and we keep ownership of the machine — but you earn 50% of all revenue, which is, again, deposited into your checking account each day.

Casino ATM FAQ

What types of ATMs work best in a casino?

Most types of ATMs work quite well in a casino, depending on your layout and facilities. Some owners prefer stand-alone kiosk machines because they are portable. This allows managers to explore the best options for placement in the casino based on foot traffic. Others prefer wall units that can be securely maintained and restocked from behind. Take a look at our available ATMs to find the best cash machine for your casino.

What if my ATM needs maintenance or repairs?

If you have your machine installed through our free ATM Placement or ATM Partnership Program, we handle the maintenance and repairs free of charge because we own the machine. If you buy your machine outright, repairs are your responsibility, but we offer fast, reliable ATM repair services at affordable rates for your convenience.

How secure are your ATMs? provides machines from the most trusted manufacturers. These machines are equipped with state-of-the-art security protocols, including multi-layer encryption and tamper-proof/fraud-proof features. You can have confidence in the overall security of transactions as well as the machine itself.

What if I decide to start my own ATM business?

Once you the passive revenue pouring in from your casino ATM, you might be inspired to launch your own ATM business, as well. offers a comprehensive online course that details everything you need to know. Click here to learn more about the course.

Learn More About Casino ATMs

Having a reliable ATM installed in your casino is a simple, streamlined process, and we go the extra mile to make the experience as turnkey as possible. To learn more about our ATM ownership or placement programs, contact today.