Festivals and Events

Mobile ATMs are a perfect way to generate additional passive income for your next special event. Festivals and other large events are ideal for ATM services because hundreds and thousands of people are gathered in one place. Those attendees are prepared to spend extra money to have a great time, and when you make it easier for them with portable ATMs, you also reap some of the rewards. ATMMachines.com can provide turnkey placement of reliable event ATMs to help make your next event a stunning success.

Benefits of ATM Placement for Festivals and Events

Mobile ATM services can dramatically increase event organizers’ profits when placed at events like county fairs, music festivals, air shows, and other all-day events. They’re also ideal for concerts and sporting events, as well as auto, boat, and RV trade shows. Here are just a few advantages to expect by placing one or more mobile ATMs at your next big event:

  • The money withdrawn from event ATMs is almost always spent at the event itself.
  • Keeps event attendees at the venue. (If they have to leave the premises to get cash, some may decide not to return.)
  • Many vendors at festivals and major events accept cash only, keeping them satisfied and likely to come back again next time.
  • Improves customer satisfaction. Event attendees in need of cash are happier because of the convenient access and are likelier to come back again next time or provide rave reviews.
  • You earn surcharge revenue from each withdrawal.

Outdoor Events

Mobile ATM placement can be handy at large outdoor events where easy cash access would be otherwise limited. In events such as these, keeping attendees on the event grounds is a key to profitability. If a customer runs out of cash, they may have to walk an extended distance to leave the event site, and they might not be motivated to return. Having an ATM nearby ensures attendees can always get more cash if they need it.

How ATM Placement Works

ATMMachines.com makes it easy to provide temporary ATMs at any festival and event through our ATM Placement Program. Here’s how the program works:

  • We provide all the ATM equipment free of charge.
  • We install the equipment for you in strategic places throughout the venue. We also provide the appropriate signage so ATM users can spot the machines easily.
  • We handle all ATM management, including keeping the machines stocked with cash.
  • Phone lines are optional. If you don’t have phone lines available, we have machines that can handle ATM processing through wi-fi.
  • You receive a portion of the surcharge revenue for every ATM transaction. (It’s basically free money for you!) The only cost to you is the power to run the ATM.


What types of ATMs work best at large and/or outdoor events?

By far, the ATMs of choice for large events are mobile, portable ATMs that can be easily placed and moved as needed. For outdoor events, we recommend ATM models with weatherproofing to withstand the elements and enhanced security to prevent theft and fraud. Click here to see which types of ATMs we have available.

What if the ATM requires maintenance or repairs during the event?

Through our ATM Placement Program, maintenance and repairs are not an issue for you. We handle that aspect for you free of charge. If a machine stops functioning or runs out of cash (as often happens at high-traffic events), our team will be available to fix the problem.

How do I start my own ATM business?

Once you see how easy it is to make money from ATMs at your event, you may want to consider starting an ATM business of your own. ATMMachines.com offers a complete online course that tells you all you need to know about launching your own ATM business. Click here to learn more about the course.

Worry-Free ATM Machines at Your Event

Having an ATM at your event is hassle-free for you. ATMMachines.com takes full responsibility for the maintenance of the machine. We monitor cash levels, refill cash as necessary, and track all transactions online. You get to focus all your energy on making sure your event runs smoothly while enjoying your revenue surcharge and the increase in profits.

Whether you expect 100 people or 100,000 people, no event is too large or too small for an ATM. We have mobile ATM solutions that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor events. With over 10 years of experience servicing festivals, we know how to provide the ATM you need with the best possible customer service. Contact ATMMachines.com today to get started.