Buy an ATM Machine

Starting an ATM business is an easy way to generate passive income. The industry is booming because everyone needs cash at some point. You have the option of working with a company that provides free ATM placement and maintenance in return for a percent of the surcharge. However, when you buy an ATM machine outright, you keep the transaction fee, and your profits can skyrocket as a result.

When you buy an ATM machine from, LLC, you are buying a true turnkey operation. We provide you with brand new state-of-the-art equipment, installation, signage, warranty coverage, and online transaction processing through all of the major networks.

Benefits of buying an ATM

  • Reduce the number of checks you take from customers, as well as the risk for returned checks
  • Reduce the total of credit and debit card fees you pay
  • Attract new customers to your business
  • Customers who use an ATM at a business are up to 50 percent more likely to spend money in that establishment
  • Generate additional income with each transaction

Advantages of Starting an ATM Business

You can obviously generate extra income from placing an ATM machine in any small business you happen to own, but by starting your own business, you can generate significant surcharge revenue while providing ATM service to other businesses, as well as placing portable ATMs in strategic places like events venues, trade shows, etc. We offer an online course that teaches you how you can generate a 6-figure income with very little outlay. All you need to for an ATM to turn a profit is a location with good foot traffic and a phone line. Click here to learn more about the course.

How to Buy an ATM Machine

The following questions will help you understand how to purchase an ATM machine and what to expect from a turnkey experience with LLC.

How much does an ATM cost?

Many business owners assume they cannot afford the ATM purchase price. Several years ago, that may have been true, but prices today are typically between $2,000 and $2,500, depending on the make and model you choose. The price has never been lower, which means now is the perfect time to buy an ATM machine.

How do you make a profit?

Once we install your new ATM machine, you select a surcharge amount for each transaction. Every time a customer uses your machine, that surcharge becomes revenue for you. An ATM purchase pays for itself quickly.

What Kind of Machine Should You Buy?

ATM machines come in many shapes and sizes, and there are obviously different manufacturers that provide machines at different standards of quality. At National ATM, we work only with reputable companies and sell specific models we can get behind;  so you know exactly where to buy an ATM Machine. We are happy to sell machines from the following manufacturers:


Based in Irving, TX, Hyosung America is one of the fastest-growing ATM manufacturers in the industry, offering a wide array of features designed to meet the diverse needs of many businesses. We sell popular models like the Halo II, NH-2700 and the Monimax series.


A relative newcomer to the market, Genmega has quickly built a strong reputation for cutting-edge engineering and attractive designs at fair prices. We offer a variety of models including the Genmega Onyx, GT5000 and G2500 series.


Easily one of the most recognizable names in the off-premises ATM market, Triton has established itself as a leader in combining quality with affordability. We are happy to offer numerous Triton models, including the FT5000, Traverse and the Argo series.

Who should buy an ATM Machine?

If you are a business owner who has customers, you benefit when you buy an ATM. Likewise, if you intend to launch a business by placing cash machines in multiple locations, you’ll generate more profits by owning the machines yourself. Typically, these machines do best in areas or inside establishments that receive high volumes of foot traffic. Over the years, we have worked with customers throughout dozens of industries, ranging from universities to casinos. Businesses such as bars, clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, shopping malls and hotels usually see the most revenue from cash machines.

Let, LLC help you start generating income with your own machine.

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