Bingo Hall ATMs

In search of a bingo hall ATM? At, we know how important it is for bingo halls, casinos, and other legal gambling businesses to have a reliable automated teller machine on-site. An on-site ATM enables customers to access cash using their debit or credit card without leaving the premises, ensuring that they can keep a reliable supply of cash to continue playing and having a great time. For a bingo hall or casino, a reliable, well-stocked ATM is crucial for not only attracting customers but retaining them, too. Over the years, we have provided superior ATM services to customers across dozens of industries, including bingo halls, casinos, bars, clubs, restaurants, convenience stores, gas stations, hotels, and more.

Bingo Hall ATM Options

Worried about your budget? Unsure if you want the responsibility for managing an ATM? Not to worry. We offer various paths for your business to enjoy the benefits and additional profits of having an ATM. Let’s look at three possibilities.

Buy ATM Outright

Buying a bingo ATM from is a true turnkey experience that includes brand new state-of-the-art equipment, installation, signage, warranty coverage, and online transaction processing through all of the major networks. One of the biggest perks of buying an ATM for your bingo hall or casino? The machine pays for itself quickly because you receive all of the surcharges. Once we install your new ATM, you get to select a surcharge amount for each transaction. Every time a customer whips out their debit card and uses your machine, you receive passive revenue. Be sure to check out our selection of ATMs for sale, all at competitive pricing.

ATM Placement Program

While having an ATM within your bingo establishment can be incredibly convenient to your customers, you might not be interested in purchasing an ATM yourself — perhaps it’s too much responsibility to take on, or maybe you’d rather not fuss with handling large amounts of cash or worrying about ATM thefts. In these cases, we recommend opting for our free ATM placement program. This hassle-free opportunity provide free ATM placement services with delivery and installation of the machine, plus we take care of stocking, maintenance, and management of the machine inside your business — all at no cost to you. All you do is provide the space and electricity. In return, you receive a portion of the surcharge revenue.

ATM Partnership Program

A third available option is our ATM Partnership Program. This opportunity is similar to the ATM Placement Program, except that you will take responsibility for stocking the machine with cash. We still own the ATM, and we’ll still take care of repairs and maintenance, but you receive 50% of the ATM fees.

Bingo Hall ATM FAQ

What types of ATMs do you offer? offers a wide selection of ATMs, from some of the most trusted manufacturers, at many different price points. From stand-alone kiosk machines to wall and countertop units, we have an ATM perfectly suited for your bingo hall or casino. Take a look at our available ATMs to find the best ATM cash machine for your business.

Do I need to worry about ATM processing or vault cash?

If you participate in our ATM Placement Program, we handle the ATM processing and vault cash for you. If you participate in our ATM Partnership Program, you will provide the vault cash. If you own the machine outright, you’re responsible for processing and cash, but we offer ATM processing services free of charge.

What if my ATM needs maintenance or repairs?

The answer depends on who owns the machine. If you participate in our ATM Placement or ATM Partnership Program, we own the machine and handle the maintenance and repairs. If you buy your machine outright, we offer high-quality ATM repair services at a reasonable cost.

What if I decide to start my own ATM business?

Once you begin to see how much passive revenue you can earn from your bingo hall ATM, you might be interested in starting your own ATM business as a second business. offers a complete online course covering everything you need to know to start and run a successful ATM business. Click here to learn more about the course.

Learn More About Bingo Hall ATMs

Whether you are interested in buying an ATM or participating in our free ATM Placement or ATM Partnership Program, is here to help. As a full-service provider of ATM systems throughout the United States, our expert team offers a range of ATM products and programs to meet the specific business needs and budget.

We are thrilled to offer sales and placements of top-quality ATMs for bingo halls and casinos. If you are interested in installing a bingo hall ATM or learning about the industry’s best free ATM placement program, contact today.