FAQ: Can My ATM Work On My WiFi?

Author Justin Gilmore

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For years, ATMs relied on modems and dial-up phone lines in order to function. It was the only way they could connect to a bank through a host and allow customers to get cash and conduct banking transactions in a matter of minutes. However, in recent years, wireless Internet has made just about everything in our lives faster and easier, and ATMs are no exception.

It’s now possible for most ATMs to be connected to their host and banking network via WiFi, cutting out the need to have a landline for businesses that own an ATM for their customer’s convenience. As long as an ATM has an RJ45 Jack it can connect to an Internet Service Provider and conduct banking business that way.

The good news is that most ATMs built within the past several years have the equipment necessary to connect via WiFi. This takes away the need for retail locations, restaurants, hotels, and other businesses to have a landline just so their ATM can function. It also makes it possible to place an ATM in new and different locations where an ATM could not be placed previously because of the lack of a phone line.

Not only is using WiFi to connect an ATM more convenient, but it’s also faster for customers using the ATM. Technology has advanced to the point of WiFi in ATMs being exponentially faster than the old-fashioned dial-up. The latest ATMs have also received a boost in security so that hackers can’t infiltrate the sensitive data the ATM is transmitting, solving one of the most common problems users had when WiFi was first available with ATMs.

Perhaps most importantly, running ATM transactions on WiFi will help any business that owns an ATM to save money. Having a landline simply to run an ATM can be quite costly and detract from the revenue a business can generate with an ATM. Meanwhile, WiFi has become so standard that it’s an expected expense for most businesses. As long as you have a relatively new ATM, there’s a good chance it’ll function via WiFi instead of a landline, and in the process, save both time and money.

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