FAQ: What Types of Cards Can My ATM Accept?

Author Justin Gilmore

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Most of us know that ATMs are a place to withdraw cash from a bank at any time of the day or night. However, the days of people carrying one, maybe two, different types of cards in our wallet or purse are over. These days, most people are loaded with different cards that have different purposes, and not all of them can be used at ATMs. Let’s take a look at the major types of cards and find out what ones are ATM-friendly.

ATM Cards

The name gives this one away, as ATM cards are definitely ATM-friendly. These cards are directly tied to a person’s checking or savings account and will be issued by their financial institution. The sole purpose of this card is to withdraw money from a checking or savings account at an ATM. Not all banks will issue ATM cards, but those who withdraw money on a regular basis usually have one.

Debit Cards

Debit cards are similar to ATM cards, so they will be accepted by an ATM. However, they serve other functions. It’s possible for debit cards to be used at the point of sale like a credit card, as most of them have either a Visa or MasterCard logo on them to indicate they will be accepted anywhere those credit cards are accepted. At the same time, most people will also use their debit card to withdraw cash from an ATM. In these instances, debit cards are no different from ATM cards.

Credit Cards

On the surface, credit cards may look the same as debit cards, but they serve different functions and they are not accepted at ATMs. Most businesses will accept credit cards, but those transactions don’t directly remove money from a person’s bank account the way it does when money is removed from an ATM using an ATM card or debit card. Credit cards allow people to make purchases that are paid for at another time, but they are not a viable card to use at any ATM.

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