How to Find a Full-Service Turnkey ATM Provider

Author Justin Gilmore

When you decide to buy an ATM machine to bring your business an extra source of revenue, the most important decision you can make is choosing an ATM provider. Ideally, you’ll want an ATM provider that will take care of as many details as possible so that owning an ATM feels like a turnkey operation. Here are a few things you should be looking for in an ATM provider.

High-Quality Equipment and Service

The most important thing when owning an ATM is the machine itself. You’ll want an ATM provider that can offer you state-of-the-art equipment and give you a machine that matches the needs of your business. You’ll also want a machine that is in good condition and won’t break down.

It’s also important to have a provider that can handle refilling the machine, supply receipt paper, and fix the machine any time there’s a glitch. Not all providers will perform all of these services at a reasonable cost, so make sure you choose a provider that’s committed to turnkey service and can give you the equipment and service you need to profit from your ATM.

Track Record of Success

ATM service is one of those industries in which experience is of great importance. Your best bet is to find a provider who a long track record and a good reputation. You may be tempted to sign up with a newer company, but in the long run, an established ATM provider will be more likely to provide turnkey service that helps make everything run smoothly.


Not every ATM owner needs the same types of services, and so you need a provider that gives you a certain degree of freedom when it comes to the options available to you. For instance, if you think you can make more money by filling the machine yourself or branding your ATM in the model of your business, you should have the freedom to do just that. The best ATM provider will be able to customize their services to suit your needs and wishes.

24/7 Customer Support

Before choosing an ATM provider, you have to know that they will be able to help you anytime a problem comes up. You need to know that you can call your provider 24/7 to troubleshoot any technical problem that may arise. You should also make sure that you can get a qualified technician to your business whenever you need. If your ATM provider doesn’t guarantee customer service and support 24/7, it’s not a true turnkey service.

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