How Does ATM Vault Cash Management Work?

Author Justin Gilmore

Owning an ATM for the purpose of adding an extra source of revenue isn’t always as simple as it sounds. One aspect that should not be overlooked is dealing with all the cash that physically goes in the machine so it can be withdrawn by your customers. It’s vital that ATM owners know the process of vault cash management so that it can be conducted as effectively as possible. Here’s what you need to know about each step.

Cash Source

The first step in the process is deciding whether to fill the machine with your own cash or work with a third-party cash provider. For most ATM owners, it’s unfeasible to have thousands of dollars of cash available every time you need to fill the ATM. Often, this necessitates a contract with a vault-cash management provider, like National ATM Wholesale. This may cut into some of the profits earned from an ATM, but it can also reduce a lot of the stress that comes with owning an ATM.


Whether you fill an ATM on your own or work with a cash-management firm, as an owner, you’ll be responsible for tracking the cash that’s left in the machine so you know when it needs to be refilled. This is usually automated and can be tracked using software to make it easy for the owner to monitor the cash in the machine. However, you always have to be aware of the money left in the machine so you don’t risk running out of money before the machine can be restocked.


When you start to run low on cash, the next step is to schedule a time to refill the ATM before it runs empty. If you refill it with your own cash, you’ll obviously want to do this at a time that’s secure and you have the time to go through all of the steps properly. With vault cash providers, you can schedule refills on a regular basis, so you know in advance when your ATM will be restocked. However, this requires data on your ATM’s use over an extended period of time, which may not be an option until you have more information on how quickly your ATM runs out of cash.


One issue to be aware of when it comes to ATM cash management is insurance for the thousands of dollars being placed in your machine each time it’s refilled. When you use your own cash in your ATM, you generally don’t have to pay for insurance. Of course, if something goes wrong, you risk losing thousands of dollars. With a vault cash provider, there is a limited amount of risk because the ATM money will typically come in an armored car, which is why many ATM owners leave things in the hands of a cash-management company, even if it costs them a little extra.

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