How Can I Protect My Outdoor ATM From the Elements?

Author Justin Gilmore

There are a number of reasons why owning an outdoor ATM can be a better choice than one that’s inside. They are likely to see more foot traffic, and they can be used 24/7 — not just during regular business hours. However, the trade off is that outdoor ATMs require more protection. Aside from security concerns, outdoor ATMs may be affected by weather and other factors. Here are a few ways you can protect your outdoor ATM from the elements.


A roof or overhang is almost mandatory for any outdoor ATM. It’s vital that you protect an outdoor ATM from precipitation, so having a roof above it is the least you can do. The closer to the ground the roof is, the better off you’ll be, as it’ll help shield the ATM from any rain that may be coming down sideways or debris that may be blowing in the wind. As a bonus, when customers need to use your ATM in the rain, they’ll get a reprieve from the weather conditions, which is a nice perk for them.

Plastic Shield

Most ATMs can be equipped with a thin plastic shield that can be placed over the machine’s buttons and screen. With outdoor ATMs, it’s easier than you’d expect for water and condensation to get into the small crevices between each button and cause problems. Fortunately, there are several products made of durable, airtight plastic that can cover the keyboard and screen, making your ATM resistant to weather, as well as any food or drink that customers may spill on it.

Electric Heater

One potential problem with outdoor ATMs is the possibility of the machine’s parts malfunctioning if temperatures get too cold. In areas that get warm weather year round this isn’t a problem, but everywhere else, it may be a good idea to place a small electric heater inside your ATM’s vault. It’s best if you can get a heater that runs on a timer so that it only comes on at night when the temperature drops and turns off during the day when temperatures outside are more moderate. Either way, you can’t allow your ATM to be exposed to freezing temperatures without having a way to heat it up.

Storm Preparation

An ATM is like any other part of your business; if there’s a big storm coming like a hurricane or a blizzard, you’re going to take measures to protect it. If you’re expecting a massive amount of snow or a lot of wind and rain, it’s all right to shut off service and cover your ATM until the storm passes. You may lose a little business in the short term, but it may be better to protect your outdoor ATM from the elements to ensure it can be used over the long term.

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