FAQ: What ATM Parts & Supplies Do I Need?

Author Justin Gilmore

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When it comes to owning or renting an ATM, it’s easy for people to get caught up in how much money they can make and forget about having to take care of the machine. Every now and then, ATM parts will have to be fixed or replaced. If you own an ATM, or you’re considering renting or owning one, here are the parts and supplies you may need to fix or replace from time to time.

Receipt Tape

Other than the cash inside the machine, receipt tape will be the most common part of ATM that you need to replace. The good news is that this isn’t all that hard to do, nor is the tape particularly expensive. If you hire a technician to do regular maintenance, changing the receipt tape will likely be part of the routine. Otherwise, you’ll have to keep an eye on it and take care of it yourself.


ATMs have rollers that help to receive and dispense user’s ATM cards, as well as dispense cash from the machine. If they start to wear down, they’ll need to be replaced, so checking on them during regular maintenance is important. It also wouldn’t hurt to clean these rollers every once in awhile so they work properly without causing your customers any problems.


Odds are, you won’t have to replace your ATM’s screen too often. However, with most ATMs having touch screens, it would be wise to learn it regularly. Take a second to think about the volume of people using your ATM and you’ll realize how important it is to clean the screen. Also, during routine maintenance, you should have the technician calibrate the screen so that everything lines up accordingly, preventing users from unknowingly choosing the wrong option when they touch the screen.

Card Reader

The card reader slot is one part of the ATM that has to remain in working order. Without it, the machine wouldn’t be able to recognize any of the numbers on a user’s ATM card, rendering the entire machine useless. If you own an ATM, it wouldn’t hurt to have a backup card reader on hand in case you need to install a new one right away. Without a functioning card reader, your ATM can’t process anything, so you can’t afford to be without one for long.

Cash Dispenser

Behind the card reader, the cash dispenser may be the second most important part of an ATM. If there’s a problem with it, people may receive too little or too much money from the machine; either way, that’s a big problem. You may want spare parts, including the rollers mentioned above, that make up the cash dispenser available in case something needs to be replaced.

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