FAQ: What Happens if My ATM is Damaged or Burglarized?

Author Justin Gilmore

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Having an ATM can be a great way to give your business an extra source of revenue. Unfortunately, ATMs are sometimes a target for criminals who try to break into the machine or damage it in some way. These occurrences are rare, and most of today’s ATMs are designed to resist criminal efforts to break-in, but it’s still important for ATM owners to know what to do if their machine is burglarized or damaged in any way.

In many ways, your ATM being burglarized or damaged should be treated the same way as if you were to get into a car accident. The first thing you should do is call the police. However, it’s important that you notify the authorities and fill out a police report.

While you wait for the police to arrive, begin taking pictures of any visible damages to the ATM for insurance and police purposes. The police may take their own pictures, but you should also document the damage done to your ATM with photos of your own. If you have a security camera near your ATM, this would also be a good time to check the footage so you can show the police.

The next step is contacting your insurance company. Typically, insurance is not included with ATM placement services, nor is insurance specific to your ATM necessary, even if you own the machine outright. However, you should update your current insurance plan to include your ATM. This way, the machine will be covered under your business’ insurance in the event of damage. Of course, it’ll be wise to take pictures of the damage and file a police report before trying to file a claim with your insurance company.

It’s important to remember that criminals are rarely successful at breaking into ATMs and stealing the cash inside. But if you own an ATM, you still need to be prepared just in case the machine is burglarized or damaged. Just remember to make sure the ATM is covered by insurance and treat any attempted break-in the same you would a car accident.

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