FAQ: What’s Included in a Full-Service Turnkey ATM Solution?

Author Justin Gilmore

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Having an ATM at your place of business can provide a nice service for your customers, help increase your business, and give you another source of revenue. Of course, for business owners who already have a lot on their plate, an ATM is just one more responsibility. That’s why it’s great to find an ATM provider that offers turnkey ATM service. But what exactly do you get from a full-service turnkey ATM solution?


This is always the first step in owning or renting an ATM and an obvious part of any turnkey solution. It’s vital that an ATM be installed properly, and so any turnkey service will have a trained technician do that for its clients.

Regular maintenance

Most people don’t have the time to keep up with the regular maintenance that ATMs need. A company offering turnkey ATM solutions will have technicians that take care of yearly tune-ups and replacing items like receipt tape. Doing this provides peace of mind for the ATM merchant, knowing that someone else is taking care of everything that needs to be done to prevent their ATM from breaking down.

Cash management

This is arguably the biggest hassle of owning an ATM, especially if you have one that’s particularly busy. Without a full-service turnkey operation, businesses with ATMs will have to put their own cash in the machine and refill it on a regular basis or hire a third-party to handle everything. Refilling ATMs not only requires thousands of dollars in cash, but it can also be time-consuming and require a specific set of security precautions. With a turnkey solutions provider, all of this becomes a non-issue for ATM owners.

Performance tracking

With a busy ATM, it’s important to keep track of how often the machine is being used and how much you’re making from it. This requires regular progress reports that include up-to-the-minute data, which can be asking too much for a business owner who already has a lot on his plate. Turnkey ATM services will keep track of all necessary data, including the amount of cash in the machine so that it can be refilled when necessary.

Responsive customer support

This may be the most important aspect of turnkey ATM solutions. If an ATM breaks down, people can’t use it and a business can’t make any money from it, making it imperative to fix the problem as soon as possible. With responsive customer support, ATM owners will receive the help they need to troubleshoot any problem that occurs, and if necessary, have a technician come and fix the problem as soon as possible.

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