FAQ: Why is My ATM Machine Not Attracting Customers?

Author Justin Gilmore

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If you own an ATM machine, you obviously want people to use it. For starters, you want to make money from convenience fees. You also don’t want it to just sit there, collecting dust, and becoming an eyesore. If your ATM is not getting as much use as you think it should, there’s probably a good reason why. Here are a few reasons why your ATM may not be attracting customers and how you can rectify the problem.

Is your ATM in the right place?

When it comes to ATM use, location is everything. Usually, you’ll need to pick out a location for an ATM before you install it. But if you think a different location can help attract more customers, that’s an option that may be worth exploring. Many businesses have had success with placing ATMs near large displays or areas where they are promoting key products, as those places will get more foot traffic, increasing the chances of customers using the ATM.

What does your ATM look like to customers?

It’s often important to make your ATM look aesthetically appealing on the outside. This may involve buying a newer machine and keeping it clean. If an ATM looks old and banged up, customers may be hesitant to use it. It’s a small detail, but one that can’t be overlooked if you’re having trouble attracting customers to your ATM.

Can customers find your ATM?

This one seems obvious, but again, it’s a detail that can’t be overlooked. Too many times, an ATM is tucked into a corner, where it blends in with its surroundings. You have to make sure your ATM is at least a little out in the open, so it’s easy for people to find. Most customers won’t try too hard to find an ATM in a particular business. If the location of your ATM isn’t obvious to everyone who walks into your store, consider posting signs directing people to your ATM.

Do customers know you have an ATM?

If customers don’t know you have an ATM, they won’t be able to use it. For businesses like convenience stores, customers will expect you to have an ATM. For other types of businesses, it may help to place the ATM near the entrance or have signs near the entrance directing customers to your store’s ATM.

Is your service charge too high?

Deciding how much to charge to use your ATM is a fine line. On one hand, this is how your ATM helps to bring in money. But if your convenience fee is too high, customers may not want to pay it, even if they need cash. Remember, you want to make money from your ATM, but you also want to provide a helpful service for your customers without taking advantage of them, so make sure your ATM’s service charge is fair or it could dissuade people from using your ATM.

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