How to Find the Right ATM for Your Business

Author Justin Gilmore

Owning an ATM can be a great way to improve your business, make things easier for your customers while also earning a little extra income. Of course, not all ATMs are the same. There are a wide variety of models to choose from, and some may be better fits for your business than others. Here is a closer look at a few models of ATMs and why they may or may not be the right fit for your business.

HyHalo-S ATMosung HALO II

The HALO II ATM model can actually work well in a number of settings. It looks attractive from the outside and it’s easy to use from an operational standpoint, which will work to your benefit if your business attracts customers who may not have a lot of experience using an ATM. At the same time, this model boasts a high level of sophistication that will also make it a good option at upscale hotels and restaurants and other types of high-end businesses.

Nautilius Hyosung NH-2700

The NH-2700 is the ATM equivalent of an iron man (or woman). It’s built to last and withstand just about anything you throw at it. For starters, it comes weatherized, so if you plan on keeping an ATM outside where it’ll be exposed to wind, rain, and other natural elements, this is an ideal choice. The NH-2700 is made up of parts that will rarely break down or need to be replaced. This is a huge advantage for businesses that expect their ATM to get a lot of daily use. It also makes the NH-2700 a good option for small business owners who are too busy to keep up with regular maintenance on their ATM. If your business needs an ATM that you can install and then forget about for a while, this is a machine that warrants strong consideration.

Genmega Onyx

The Onyx is one of the most advanced models of ATMs for businesses that want to appear to be on the cutting edge. For starters, it has the security features that are so important nowadays. But it also has a wide, LCD screen and a user-friendly touchpad, so people can use it without hassle. Any business, from a small convenience store to a high-class hotel or restaurant, can benefit from the Onyx. It even looks cool, with its sleek appearance and black exterior, making it a trendy pick for any business in need of an ATM.

Genmega GT5000

The GT5000 is an ATM that’s specifically designed to be installed in a wall or kiosk. This is obviously not something that will be a fit for all businesses. However, for any business that has space on a wall or kiosk for an ATM, this is a great option. It’s compact, secure, and operates at a high level with plenty of features that will be useful for customers. The upkeep and maintenance on this model should be minimal for business owners. The GT5000 can even be placed on an outside wall as long it’s not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Triton Traverse

This is an ATM that has been designed specifically to fit the needs of retail locations. The Traverse is quite sleek compared to the average ATM, making it a little easier for business owners to find room for it in their store. It’s also designed in a way that makes it safe and secure for users, an aspect that can’t be overlooked in busy retail locations. Finally, the Traverse is capable of receiving updates, meaning business owners should be able to continue using it for many years to come.

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