Why You Should Rent an ATM for a Special Event

Author Justin Gilmore

Whether it’s a concert, sporting event, county fair, or film festival, any special event needs to have an ATM, usually more than one. At these kinds of events, people often spend large amounts of money, and so they need quick access to cash, something that ATMs provide. In fact, most people expect to see ATMs at special events. If you’re planning a special event, here’s how you can benefit from having ATMs present.

More money is spent during your event

Research indicates that roughly 75 percent of the money taken out of ATMs at large events is spent at the event. This helps to increase revenue that the event brings in, which is good news for both vendors and organizers. Since ATMs make it easier for customers to get cash, they won’t leave the event when they run out of money because they can always get more. As a result, customers will stay longer and end up spending more money if they have access to ATMs.

Cash is quicker for vendors to handle

Having ATMs available at events can help to increase the number of cash transactions, which are much quicker than when customers use checks or credit cards. With quicker transactions, the lines to buy food, souvenirs, and other items will remain as short as possible. If lines are too long, people may be deterred from buying items and spending more money at the event. It’s also important to remember that some vendors may not accept credit cards. If cash isn’t easily accessible to customers, they could lose business, which is another way that ATMs help to keep vendors happy.

You enjoy additional revenue

One of the best reasons to have an ATM at any kind of special event is the additional revenue they can generate. In addition to the extra money spent at the event, organizers can also keep a portion of the surcharge customers pay for using the machine. It may be a small amount for every transaction, but it can add up if the machine gets a lot of use. Event organizers can also sell sponsorship of the ATM. A company can pay a fee to have a balloon or giant banner with its logo on it directing people to the ATM. As a result, customers will be able to find the ATM a lot easier and organizers have another way to make money during the event.

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