FAQ: Why Do I Need an ATM For My Business?

Author Justin Gilmore

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Almost any brick-and-mortar business who has visiting customers is a potential candidate for installing an ATM machine. For some, the benefits are more obvious—for example, if many of your customers pay in cash, or if you run a cash-only business. But there are many other reasons why you might need an ATM for your business. Let’s look at just a few.

Makes it easier for customers to buy

Everyone needs cash. How many times do customers come into the store only to realize she doesn’t have enough cash, and the purchase is nearly too small to warrant a credit card swipe? By installing an ATM, you resolve this issue and give your customers more options for payment. (For cash-heavy businesses like gas stations, bars and convenience stores, an ATM is practically essential to keep sales from walking out the door.)

Encourages more foot traffic

Having an ATM encourages more people to come into the store—and more traffic generally translates to more sales. Even if the customer didn’t initially intend to buy anything, studies show customers are 30-50 percent more likely to buy with cash they got from your ATM.

Offers your customers more value

Having an ATM onsite gives your customers a whole new set of services they wouldn’t have access to otherwise. It gives them another reason to visit you—and another way for you to generate revenue.

Provides a passive income stream for you

Every time someone uses the ATM at your business, you make money from that transaction. If you buy the machine outright, it pays for itself quickly in a high-traffic area; if you participate in our ATM Placement Program, you pay nothing for the machine—you just earn revenue. It’s basically free money—and who couldn’t use more of that?

Reduces your credit card processing expenses

When you make cash readily available to your customers, they’re more likely to pay you in cash than by credit card—and that means you don’t pay the credit card processing fees on those transactions. So while the ATM generates revenue for you, it also helps lower your average cost per transaction.

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