How to Attract More Customers to Your ATM

Author Justin Gilmore

So you’ve decided to have an ATM installed in your place of business, and while you may already be enjoying some increased revenue, you’re not sure whether you’re getting the most benefit that you could from it. What are some ways you can attract more customers to your ATM, thereby increasing its value to your company?

We’ve compiled a few key strategies below that can help improve ATM usage. While not every strategy is right for every company, they are proven tactics that businesses like yours have used successfully to draw more customers to their ATM machines.

Place the ATM in a conspicuous, convenient location

Some business owners treat their ATM almost like an intruder, choosing to place it off in a corner where it won’t take up too much usable space. Unfortunately, this move also effectively “hides” the machine so your customers either forget it is there or do not realize it’s there to begin with. For customers to use the ATM, they have to see it, preferably right within their pathway. Don’t block traffic with it, but put the machine in a location where it will be highly visible and convenient to use. This strategy alone may be the most important one you use to attract more customers to your ATM. Our team can help you determine the best potential locations for ATM placement.

Offer incentives for cash purchases

This strategy won’t work for every business, of course, but if you want more people to use the ATM, try providing some sort of reward for doing so. Many businesses offer a discount for cash purchases roughly equivalent to their credit card fees. (Gas stations across the country frequently do this.) Give customers a reason to use the ATM, and more of them will.

Test locations

ATM placement is basically a marketing strategy, and as with all marketing, testing is the key to perfection. There may be several conspicuous places within your business where an ATM would serve you well, so try the machine for a few weeks at a time in each location. Either immediately or over time, you’ll identify one or two “sweet spots” where your ATM machine performs best.

These are just a few things you can do to attract more customers to your ATM and generate more revenue. For more tips and customized strategies, give, LLC a call at 1-866-295-2329.