4 Reasons To Choose a Hyosung ATM Machine

Author Justin Gilmore

When it comes to buying or leasing an ATM, there is an abundance of options. There are a number of notable ATM suppliers that all offer a multitude of machines. One company worth mentioning is Hyosung, which is one of the leaders in ATM placement both worldwide and in the U.S.


One thing that stands out about Hyosung is the diversity of the products and services they offer. Whether you need a stand-alone ATM, a drive-up ATM, or an ATM that’s installed directly into a wall, Hyosung has you covered. They offer machines of all shapes, sizes, and functions to help the specific needs of any business. Hyosung also provides a full range of ATM services, including ATM hardware and software. In short, they can handle an ATM-related task.


Part of why Hyosung ATMs are so widespread is their compatibility across different markets. Hyosung makes their machines with an open architecture, which is a fancy way of saying that will be compatible and scalable across all types of businesses. No matter your specific ATM needs, there’s a good chance you’ll find what you need with Hyosung.

Ahead of the Curve

Throughout their history, Hyosung has been one of the most innovative companies in the ATM industry. For instance, they were the first company in the U.S. to introduce cash recycling in ATMs. Hyosung also has implemented a number of other innovations, including mobile applications and remote service monitoring. If you want your ATM to feature cutting-edge technology and the latest innovations, Hyosung may be your best option.


Last but not least, part of finding the right ATM means dealing with servicing. Fortunately, Hyosung has you covered. The company has over 400 field service engineers in the U.S. who are capable of servicing any problem with your Hyosung ATM. In fact, the company guarantees a first visit resolution time of fewer than two hours, which means Hyosung is committed to solving any problem you may have as soon as possible.

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