5 Benefits Of A Wireless ATM Unit

Author Justin Gilmore

Throughout the history of ATMs, they’ve required the use of a telephone line or modem in order to function. Fortunately, wireless technology has finally caught up, making wireless ATMs a viable option for any business or event that make ATMs available for their customers. Here are a few of the benefits of making your next ATM a wireless unit.

Throw Away the Landline

Let’s face it, landlines are getting to be a little old-fashioned, nor are they cheap. The cost of a wireless plan is going to be less expensive than having an extra landline in order to run an ATM. Those savings will start to add up over time and make it a little cheaper to operate your ATM, adding to the profit you get from having it.

Speed Up Transactions

If you’re unfortunate enough to remember the days of dial-up Internet, you’ll know that today’s wireless Internet is much faster. Well, the difference in speed will be similar when you switch to a wireless ATM. Wireless transactions can be done in mere seconds, which means no long lines at your ATM because customers will be in and out quickly. Most customers will also remember how quickly your wireless ATM moves and be more likely to come back.

More Placement Options

In the past, ATM placement has been limited to where you can get a landline. However, a wireless ATM unit can be placed anywhere there’s a power outlet. If your current ATM placement isn’t working out or even if your entire business changes locations, just unplug the ATM, find a new outlet, and you’re good to go.

Better Security

Sadly, hackers are stepping up their game when it comes to stealing personal and financial information. However, with a wireless ATM, you can utilize SSL encryption to protect the data of all transactions at your ATM. Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) can be used to remotely monitor ATMs, reducing the risk of hackers infiltrating your ATM.

Logistical Benefits

Finally, there are countless logistical benefits to owning and operating an ATM that’s wireless. For starters, you’ll be able to reboot or power cycle your ATM remotely. It also becomes much easier to review ATM communications or double check terminals IDs with a wireless ATM. Top companies like AtmMachines.com, LLC also give you an online portal to troubleshoot problems with your wireless ATM so any issue can be resolved quickly.

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