What Is The Best ATM Machine to Buy For A Small Business?

Author Justin Gilmore

For small businesses with tight budgets and small margins, one of the best ways to add an extra source of revenue is installing an ATM at or near your place of business. However, it’s important for those small businesses to find an ATM model that fits their specific needs. So, what is the best ATM machine to buy? Here are a few ATMs that have been designed with small businesses in mind.

Hyosung Monimax 5000

This is a user-friendly ATM with a small footprint, making it a great fit for small businesses without a lot of space for an ATM, especially retail stores. This model can be easily fitted with a sign topper to help customers find the machine, as well as a privacy filter to help boost security and use peace of mind. The Monimax 5000, like most Hyosung models, is built with open architecture, making it easy to update and modify it to fit the specific needs of a small business.

Genmega GT3000

This model is a through-the-wall ATM, but one that should work for small businesses with a kiosk or a little extra wall space. Not only is it compact but it’s also cost-efficient so even a business with limited space and a limited budget should be able to find a way to install the GT3000. This ATM is also weather resistant, giving businesses the option of placing it outdoors while loading money and taking care of maintenance through the rear service panel.

Hyosung NH-2700

The NH-2700 is a little bigger than the first two models listed, but it’s built with retail locations and small businesses in mind. Like other Hyosung ATMs, this model is user-friendly and has an open architecture to make modifications easier. This machine is also designed to run for a long time without requiring much maintenance, which is great for small business owners without a lot of free time. The NH-2700 also comes weatherized, so outdoor placement is an option.

Genmega G2500

This is a free-standing ATM but one that’s compact enough to fit into a small space. There aren’t a lot of fancy bells and whistles, but it can be customized to fit the needs of a particular business. It was designed with retail locations in mind, making it ideal for small retail stores looking for a simple but flexible ATM.

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