How Much Money Can I Expect To Make With An ATM?

Author Justin Gilmore

Before taking the leap in buying an ATM, it’s only natural for business owners to know how much they can expect to make. Obviously, there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll meet a certain revenue threshold with an ATM. However, there are ways to predict how much use an ATM will receive in order to create a rough estimate for how much revenue the machine will create.

It’s typically agreed that 3 to 5 percent of the people who walk by an ATM will use it. Therefore, the total number of people who use it will depend on the location of the machine and how much foot traffic there is in that area. If thousands of people walk past the ATM on a daily basis, it could be used for dozens or possibly hundreds of transactions every day. If you have a spot picked out for your ATM, try to estimate how many people walk by that spot every day and you’ll have a rough estimate for how much use an ATM in that location will get.

The next step is to multiply the number of expected users by the fee you plan to charge for using the machine. If you own the ATM, you’re free to charge however much you want. Of course, keep in mind that charging too much could deter people from using it. Meanwhile, charging too little will make it difficult to generate much revenue unless the machine is in a high-volume area.

Most ATM owners find a good balance charging between $2 and $3 per transaction. Like any other type of pricing, an ATM surcharge can come down to supply and demand. Unless there are no other ATMs within walking distance, a $2 to $2 fee is typically a fair surcharge that allows you to earn a substantial amount of revenue from your machine. You probably won’t make the same amount from your ATM every month. However, by multiplying your foot traffic by your surcharge, you should have a good estimate for how much you can expect to make with an ATM.

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