The Best ATMs for Marijuana Dispensaries

Author Justin Gilmore

With laws changing involving the use of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes, marijuana dispensaries are becoming more and more common. Of course, it’s worth noting that regulations involving businesses that sell marijuana often stipulate that they only accept cash payments. This requires all customers to have cash on hand, and so it’s only natural for marijuana dispensaries to have an ATM at their location in order to best serve their customers.

Nautilus Hyosung MX2900

This is a great ATM for businesses of all kinds, especially ones that have never had an ATM on the premises before. It’s not overly elaborate in terms of fancy bells and whistles. Instead, it’s easy to use and should have minimal maintenance issues. The MX2900 is also one of the more energy efficient ATMs on the market and can even be set up with solar power, making it a green ATM. There are nearly 2,000 models worldwide, so you know you’re getting a machine with a good reputation that can be trusted.

Genmega GT5000

For marijuana dispensaries interested in a wall or kiosk ATM, the GT5000 is a nice option. It has a compact look but at the same time includes a 15-inch panel and LCD screen, so users won’t have to squint to conduct business. This is also a good model if security is a top priority. The GT5000 has a rear-service panel that allows the ATM operator or any service person to gain safe access to the machine. The GT5000 is also known as a low-maintenance machine, so upkeep should be kept to a minimum.

Triton Argo

With legal marijuana being the way of the future, it could make sense to go with a futuristic-looking ATM, which perfectly describes the Argo. This model has easy-to-read keypads, a large screen, and even touchscreen options. It’s also a printer-less ATM, sending receipts via text or email instead, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ATMs available. The look and design of the Argo also make it the perfect fit for a trendy and popular marijuana dispensary. Most importantly, there are several important security features, including shoulder surfing protection, surveillance camera provision, and skimming protection.

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 5000

To be fair, this isn’t the fanciest ATM model you’ll find. However, with a small footprint, it’s a good fit for dispensaries that don’t have a lot of open space. It also has an open architecture and several optional features, so it can be modified to fit the specific needs of a shop. It may not be much to look at compared to the Argo, but it’ll get the job done for any dispensary in need of an ATM.

Genmega Onyx

The Onyx is an ATM model that never goes out of style and can work at just about any location. Its top features include a security reflective front, a widescreen, and an LED sign so your customers will have no problem finding it. This model is also compatible with a number of cash dispensers, even ones that aren’t made by Genmega, giving you plenty of options to fit the needs of your particular shop.

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