Can You Make a Profit With an ATM?

Author Justin Gilmore

One of the most common questions asked by business owners and entrepreneurs about ATM machines is whether they are profitable. Even if having an ATM at your place of business will help generate more cash sales, can you make a profit with the ATM itself?

Whether you’re trying to start an ATM business with multiple placements or installing a single ATM in your current business, the answer is yes — you can definitely make a profit with an ATM. How much profit you make depends on a number of factors, including whether you own the machine, where you place it, etc. Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can earn meaningful revenue through ATM machines.

How ATMs Produce Revenue

Every time a customer uses an ATM machine, they are charged a service charge (usually between $2-$3) in addition to the money they withdraw from the machine. (This fee is in addition to any fees their bank may charge.) If you own the ATM machine outright, you get to set the service fee, and you get to keep all of it. If someone else owns the machine and you’re just providing the space for it, you get a commission or percentage of the fee. The amount of actual profit will depend on how much (if anything) you invested in the ATM, how many machines you operate and how much foot traffic each unit receives.

ATM Placement Program

The quickest and easiest way to start making money from an ATM is through our ATM placement program. Under this program, National ATM takes responsibility for placing, stocking and maintaining the machine, while you simply provide the space for the ATM. The ATM placement program allows you to generate profits almost immediately because there is no out-of-pocket cost to you except the electricity required to run the machine. The tradeoff, of course, is that your revenue per transaction is substantially less than if you owned the machine outright.

Buying One or More ATM Machines

The other alternative for making money from an ATM is to buy the machine yourself. You make the initial investment of between $2000-$2500 per machine, and you become responsible for placement, stocking and maintenance. The benefit is that you get to keep the entire service fee; the downside is that you must cover the expenses for maintenance. However, by placing your machine in a prominent high-traffic area, it generally doesn’t take long for the machine to pay for itself and to become profitable.

Operating an ATM Business

If you’re an entrepreneurial type who sees the potential for ongoing passive income, you might consider setting up your own ATM business, placing your machines in various locations, setting up a fleet of mobile ATMs for special events, etc. The challenge is that you will either have to rent the space to place each machine or arrange to share revenue with the companies using your machines. However, with careful planning and a good business strategy, operating multiple machines can turn into a very lucrative business. To learn more about ways you can make a profit with one or more ATM machines, give, LLC a call at 1-866-295-2329.