Finding Perfect Locations for Your ATM Business

Author Justin Gilmore

One of the most important decisions you must make upon starting an ATM business is where to place your ATM(s). How do you know if you’re placing your ATM in an optimal location? These are the four qualities that you should look for in a perfect ATM location:

  • Ample foot traffic. It’s simple math. The greater the number of people who walk by your ATM, the higher the chance that they will stop to take out money.
  • Proximity to cash need. While foot traffic plays a large role in strategic ATM placement, you also need to ask “why would someone need cash here in the first place? You probably don’t want to go out of your way to put an ATM near a cashless restaurant, even if it’s located on a street that receives a lot of foot traffic. Look for cash-only establishments or businesses that rely on cash tipping to pay workers.
  • Safe and secure. Make sure your ATM is installed in a well-lit area with 24/7 surveillance. Not only do you want to prevent tampering and vandalism of your ATM, but you also want to make sure customers feel safe to use it.
  • Convenient for you. If you place an ATM too far away from your home base or off the beaten path of a larger ATM route, you’re increasing your travel and service time.

Here are 10 examples of perfect ATM locations that tick all of the boxes above:

1. Restaurants and bars

While an ATM is a necessity in cash-only restaurants and bars, they are also useful in establishments that accept cards since many servers and bartenders prefer receiving tips in cash.

2. Concert venues and sports arenas

Merchandise booths and concessions are often cash-only, so an ATM ensures that customers don’t have to miss out on that snazzy band t-shirt or enormous baseball hot dog.

3. Pop-up outdoor events

Mobile ATMs are ideal for festivals, farmers’ markets, flea markets, bazaars, and county fairs since many vendors and activities require cash.

4. Gas stations, convenience stores, and grocery stores

When was the last time you visited a gas station, convenience store, or grocery store and didn’t see an ATM?

5. Tourist attractions

No tourist likes walking around an unfamiliar city in search of an ATM. Placing an ATM close to a major tourist draw ensure quick, fuss-free cash access.

6. Hotels, motels, and resorts

Plus, an on-site ATM makes it easy for guests to tip service staff — from the housekeeping team to the hotel bartender.

7. Campgrounds and RV parks

When a camper has a late-night craving for a bag of cheesy poofs, having 24-hour access to an ATM ensures they have what they need for a cash-only vending machine.

8. Beauty salons

Businesses that specialize in cosmetic and personal care services — including nail salons, hair salons, waxing studios, and more — encourage cash tips for their estheticians, stylists, and technicians.

9. Marijuana dispensaries

Cash-only transactions are generally required for dispensaries due to federal law.

10. Adult entertainment venues

Performers and servers working at adult establishments rely on cash tips.

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