How ATM Businesses Generate Passive Income

Author Justin Gilmore

If you’re looking for a business opportunity that can generate plenty of passive income, you might want to consider starting an ATM business. When your business is structured properly and your machines are strategically placed, you can create a lucrative revenue stream that requires only a minimal amount of time and effort on your part. Let’s discuss how an ATM business can generate passive income for you, and what you can do to maximize this effect.

ATM profitability basically hinges on two key factors: High foot traffic and low overhead. When you have these two variables in the proper balance, your revenue streams may feel virtually effortless. Let’s explore these factors in detail.

High Foot Traffic

Simply put: The more people use your ATM machines, the more profitable those machines will be. Strategic placement is key to getting the maximum possible amount of passive income per machine. Some tips to help you place your ATMs most effectively:

  • Place machines along the busiest foot paths. If you’re placing your ATMs inside brick-and-mortar stores, try to place them along the main walkway or near the checkout counters where people will see them. The same principle holds if you’re placing machines at trade shows, festivals or in outdoor shopping areas.
  • Place machines where cash is in high demand. Good examples might include a cash-only bar or a convenience store—places where customers are more likely to spend cash than use a credit card.
  • Place machines in well-lit areas with appropriate signage. Your ATM won’t be profitable if people can’t see it.

Low Overhead

The other side of passive income is to keep your expenses as low as possible—and by expenses, we mean spending less time as well as less money. You can definitely increase your profit margins by purchasing and maintaining your own ATM machines, for example; but you’ll also have greater time and money requirements in overseeing the stocking and maintenance on those machines. When you have to do that extra work, then by definition it’s not passive income. As an alternative, you might want to consider working with a third-party company like National ATM Wholesale. In this arrangement, we provide the locations, and we take responsibility for placing and managing the machines—all at no cost to you. You only provide the locations in exchange for a cut of the profits. While this setup gets you less revenue per machine, virtually all the income is passive because you’re spending less time and money.

Whether you choose to own your ATMs or work with an outside agency, running your own ATM business gives you the chance to earn large profits for little effort. To discuss the options and the possibilities of generating passive income with your own ATM company, contact, LLC today at 1-866-295-2329.