3 Reasons To Choose a Triton ATM Machine

Author Justin Gilmore

Adding an ATM machine to help your customers and add an extra source of revenue can be a wise decision for any business. However, picking out an ATM for your store is no easy task. There are several quality ATM manufacturers that offer great products. One brand that has made its mark in the ATM industry is Triton, which has been in business for over 20 years and has sold ATMs in over two dozen countries. Triton systems are known for features like state-of-the-art dispenser solutions, touchscreen, keypad and/or EMV capabilities, and more. Many models can also easily accommodate toppers to make them easier for your customers to find. Here are a few reasons why Triton may be the right ATM manufacturer for you.

1. Triton ATMs are Cost-Efficient

Compared to other ATM companies, Triton makes a serious effort to make sure its machines are affordable to businesses of all sizes. In fact, a Triton machine is typically 30-40 percent cheaper than machines with comparable features from its competitors. For this reason, Triton ATMs are an excellent, low-cost option for small businesses with a limited amount invest in an ATM–or who simply need to provide service to a low-volume location.

2. Triton ATMs Offer Quick Processing

In addition to cost, Triton also excels when it comes to speed and security. Using Triton Dynamic Language (TDL), a Triton ATM machine can connect with hosts at a faster rate than other ATMs, leading to quicker transactions, shorter lines at the ATM, and happier customers. TDL utilizes smart controls and other high-tech software functionality that allows for faster processing. When it comes to ATMs, speed always matters, and Triton definitely recognizes that fact.

3. Enjoy Simple Servicing and Upgrades, Including EMV

On the surface, many of Triton’s ATMs may look small and simple, but there is a benefit to this. The modular design of Triton ATMs makes them easy to upgrade so that when technology improves (such as the introduction of EMV card capabilities), it’s easy to keep up to date without having to buy a new machine. Triton ATMs are also easy to service, as the company pledges the lowest downtime of any ATM. If a problem arises, a Triton technician is just a phone call away.

Triton ATM Machines We Sell

Triton offers numerous models of ATM machines, one of which is likely to be perfectly suited to your needs whether you’re installing a single ATM or launching a business involving multiple units. AtmMachines.com, LLC is proud to offer three of Triton’s most popular models:

Triton Traverse™

Specifically designed for the needs of retail spaces, the low-cost Triton Traverse is highly popular for its sleek, compact footprint while offering high performance and security compliance. It comes with an 8-inch LCD color screen and an integrated topper for easy branding and customized messaging. It also includes added PIN protection and optional Triton Key Management (TKM) for added security.

Triton ARGO

Widely hailed for its next-generation design, the Triton ARGO line offers a wide array of security and convenience features, as well as larger screens and eco-friendly printer-less capabilities. It comes in multiple models, including Argo 7, Argo 7 Eco, Argo 12.0 and Argo 15.0, each with different dimensions and unique features. The ARGO line offers features such as EMV capability, lighted keypad, six different dispenser options, integrated topper, surveillance camera provision, skimmer protection and much more. Its versatility and options make the ARGO the best all-around ATM of choice for businesses looking for a high quality, secure machine at affordable prices.

Triton FT5000

The Triton FT5000 is designed primarily for financial institutions, but its through-the-wall design can also serve other types of businesses, especially those who wish customers to have 24-hour or outdoor access. The FT5000 offers multiple dispenser options and easy-to-spot LED backlit signage, and it’s an excellent machine for use in both drive-up and walk-up settings.

Triton ATMs provide an ideal, cost-effective solution whether you’re purchasing a single machine for your business or starting up your own ATM business. Visit our Triton product page to read more about the available ATM models, or give us a call at 1-866-295-2329 to learn more.