The Best ATMs For Retail Businesses

Author Justin Gilmore

There are countless benefits of having an ATM, if not multiple ATMs, at your retail store. Really, the only question is what model ATM is the best fit for your business. Among the many options, here are five ATMs that are among the best model for any retail business.

GenMega G2500

This is a rather standard machine with retail locations in mind. For starters, the LED sign helps make it more visible so that customers can find it easily. This model features a number of important features considering how affordable it is. The G2500 is also easy to customize to help fit the needs of a particular business. Perhaps most importantly, this model has the reputation of being reliable and long-lasting with parts that will be easy to replace, making it a great option for small businesses without a lot of spare cash to spend on an ATM.

GenMega Onyx

The Onyx is just the next step up from the G2500. It has the same kinds of features and reliability as the G2500 except with a 12-inch screen instead of an 8-inch screen, not to mention a sleeker design with a visible but less gaudy LED sign. Retail locations that are a little more upscale tend to top for the Onyx rather than the G2500 because it has a more appealing appearance rather than simply being practical.

Nautilus Hyosung NH-2700

This Hyosung model is a good option for business owners who know their ATM is going to get a lot of use. It’ll stay durable over the long-term, rarely needing maintenance or parts that need replacing. There are also plenty of fancy features on the 2700 model, including weather updates, streaming news. This model also utilizes a low-energy LCD display, which means it can help you lower your energy costs, which can be another nice benefit.

Hyosung Nautilus HALO-S

The HALO model is a little simple and basic, but that makes it a good choice for retail stores that need a user-friendly ATM. This machine also has parts that are designed to last long-term without much maintenance or upkeep, so store owners won’t need to put too much work into it. Instead, they can just sit back and reap the rewards of an ATM in their store.

Triton Traverse

Triton built this ATM specifically for retail use, as it has a sleek look and is designed to protect the PIN of users. It includes all the basic ATM features and the necessary security requirements. The Traverse has minimal operating costs, making it another good option for small businesses that need an ATM but don’t have much to spend.

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