What is a Mobile ATM?

Author Justin Gilmore

Whether you’re hosting a music festival, trade show, fashion expo, flea market or some other outdoor special event, providing easy access to cash is a must. If your attendees have to go offsite to find an ATM machine, chances are they won’t come back. Mobile ATM machines provide a perfect solution to this dilemma, not only for the added convenience for your guests, but also for improving vendor sales and even bringing in supplemental income in the process.

As the name suggests, a mobile ATM is a standalone unit that can be moved according to need, allowing it to be placed nearly anywhere. Mobile ATMs can be strategically placed where visibility and foot traffic are highest so your event attendees can easily spot them. And since they transmit and receive data wirelessly, there’s no need for a phone line connection — all that’s needed is a power source.

Advantages of Using Mobile ATMs

Why should you consider installing mobile ATM machines at your next special event or outdoor event? Let’s look at a few key reasons:

  • More revenue for your vendors. Most of the cash withdrawn from event ATMs will spent at the event — and some of your vendors will probably operate cash-only. By making cash readily available to attendees, you’ll improve your vendors’ profits, incentivizing them to return for your next event.
  • Convenience for your attendees. Your event attendees need access to money to spend at your event. If a vendor only takes cash and the attendees’ cash is running low, they’ll either stop spending or go offsite hunting for the nearest ATM. If they leave the premises, there’s a good chance they won’t come back. Providing this courtesy makes it easier for attendees to enjoy the event while keeping an uninterrupted cash flow.
  • Place ATMs strategically for maximum use. No need to worry about phone lines because mobile ATMs are equipped to conduct transactions wirelessly. As long as you can plug the machine into a power source, you can place it wherever most people who need it will be hanging out.
  • Weather proof. Worried about bad weather? Don’t fret; many mobile ATMs are designed to be used outdoors, even in rainy or cold conditions.
  • Supplemental revenue. When you work with an ATM provider like National ATM, you receive a portion of the service fee for every transaction. This provides an additional source of revenue to help you offset the cost of the event and even increase profits.

Where Can a Mobile ATM Be Useful?

Mobile ATMs provide added convenience and boosted profitability for many types of events, such as:

  • Outdoor concerts and music festivals
  • Home improvement expos
  • Auto, boat and RV shows
  • Merchandising trade shows
  • Annual fairs
  • …and much more!

Don’t miss the opportunity to improve profits and customer experience at your next outdoor event. To learn more about how to install mobile ATMs at your event, call AtmMachines.com, LLC at 1-866-295-2329.