ATM Lotto

If you have ever stood in line to buy a lottery ticket — or in line behind someone else buying a lottery ticket — you know it can be time-consuming and inconvenient. If you own or manage a gas station or convenience store, you know that it can take away from time spent waiting on other customers and even send some customers away without making a purchase. Luckily, there is a solution: an ATM that dispenses lottery tickets.

The lotto ATM makes buying tickets easier than ever, and more importantly, business owners who elect to have them in their stores are seeing major increases in revenue. Customers love it because there are no long lines, and it makes paying for cash-only lottery tickets at the register a thing of the past.

How does it work?

All it takes is a simple software upgrade from Linq3 to turn many ATMs into lotto machines. When your customer goes to make a withdrawal, he or she will have the option to choose cash for a normal transaction or buy 5, 10 or 20 lottery tickets at a time. At the end of the transaction, the lottery tickets are printed right on the ATM receipt. The funds are debited from the customer’s checking or savings account just like the cash would be.

If the customer wins less than $600 or a prize lower than the taxable limit, the money is deposited directly into his or her account. Of course, larger prizes must be redeemed at a local lottery office. The lotto ATM makes a perfect addition to gas stations and convenience stores, but it also tends to do well in malls, office buildings, sports bars, restaurants, nightclubs, hotels, grocery stores and other retail locations.

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