Tips and Tricks for Your ATM Business

Author Justin Gilmore

Many brick-and-mortar businesses — if not most — find great benefit in having an ATM machine installed for their customers to use. Not only does an ATM provided added convenience for your customers, but it also helps you generate more cash sales — and when utilized properly, it can also be an additional source of passive income. If you’re installing an ATM for the first time, or if you are unsure how to make the most of your investment, the following tips and tricks should be useful to you.

Choose the Right Type of ATM

ATM machines come in a variety of styles and shapes. Some are standalone units, some can sit on countertops, some can be installed in a wall, and some are even designed for outdoor use. Not every type of ATM is right for every business, so do a bit of planning and decide what type of ATM will work best for your customers as far as convenience and visibility without getting in the way of anything else important.

Be Purposeful in Getting Customers to Use the ATM

The more customers who use your ATM, the more benefit you’ll receive from having it in your business — both for the added cash sales and the proceeds from the machine itself. Strategic positioning and cash sale incentives are just a couple of ways you can attract more customers to use your ATM machine. Don’t just let your ATM sit there passively; be purposeful in how you utilize it, and do what you can to encourage more visits to your ATM machine.

Be Mindful of Security Concerns

An ATM can add lots of revenue to your business, but you must remember it’s basically a portable bank filled with cash. Be sure to position the machine in a place where it can be monitored, and regularly check for signs of tampering or “skimming.” The following critical ATM security tips will help you keep your machine safe.

Consider Buying an ATM

While leasing an ATM from a reputable company saves you from doing most of the legwork of stocking and maintenance, it also means you have to share revenue. If you own the machine outright, you get to keep all the proceeds for your business. If your business sees a lot of cash customers, it might be worth your while to buy an ATM machine outright., LLC is committed to helping our customers make the most out of their ATM machines. To learn more about how to generate more revenue for your business with an ATM machine, call us today at 1-866-295-2329.