How to Get a Cannabis Dispensary ATM

If you operate a cannabis dispensary or are planning to open one, you already understand the challenges marijuana dispensary businesses have with processing payments. While an increasing number of states have legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, the federal government still considers it a Schedule 1 controlled substance. This means most banks and credit card companies can’t legally conduct transactions with you, so accepting debit/credit cards and checks are a risky venture at best. One of the best ways to ensure your customers have easy access to cash is by placing a cannabis dispensary ATM machine on site. Let’s discuss a few options you have for doing so.

Buying an ATM Machine Outright

With a bit of up-front investment, you can purchase an ATM outright to place in your dispensary. Having ownership of the machine comes with a number of advantages, especially when you purchase from a reputable company like National ATM. These advantages include:

  • Turnkey operation: Installation and signage are included, along with warranty coverage.
  • Increase in sales: More than 50 percent of users of your ATM will buy in your store — and for cannabis dispensaries, this percentage is likely higher since your customers are required to pay in cash.
  • Convenience for customers: You’re providing additional value for your customers by providing easy cash access.
  • Additional source of revenue: When you own the machine, you get to keep all the transaction fees, which not only helps the machine pay for itself but provides you an additional source of income.

The main downside of owning the ATM is that you’re responsible for maintaining the machine, including keeping it stocked with cash. However, when you’re running primarily a cash business, this burden shouldn’t be too difficult to bear.

ATM Placement Program

If you simply don’t want the added responsibility or expense of buying and maintaining your own ATM machine, another option is to contract with the ATM company for an ATM placement program. Under these terms, the company retains ownership and maintenance of the machines while giving you a percentage of the transaction fees in return for providing the placement space. Benefits of this type of arrangement:

  • No out-of-pocket expense: Placement is free of charge.
  • Hassle-free operation: The ATM company takes responsibility for placing, installing, maintaining, stocking and repairing the machine.
  • Simplicity: ATM placements offer convenience for your customers, and increased sales for you, without the headaches of maintaining the ATM.

Bitcoin ATMs for Dispensaries

Yet another option to consider — or an additional option to installing a cash ATM — is to place a bitcoin ATM in your cannabis dispensary. With the current limitations dispensaries have in conducting transactions, many are accepting bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as forms of payment. Because crypto is both unregulated and secure, it is a viable way for customers to conduct cashless transactions if they so choose. Installing a bitcoin ATM gives your customers yet another way to pay.

If one or more of these ATM placement options appeals to you, we can help. To learn more about getting a cannabis dispensary ATM for your customers, call, LLC today at 1-866-295-2329.

Why Marijuana Dispensaries Need Reliable ATMs

While cannabis has become legal for medicinal or recreational use in a growing number of states, the gap between federal and state law still creates a lot of complications for marijuana dispensary businesses, especially when it comes to processing payments. Many dispensaries bridge this gap by installing ATM machines on the premises, making it easier for customers to have access to cash. Let’s discuss why marijuana dispensaries need reliable ATMs to help keep their businesses running smoothly.

Dispensaries Have Limited “Cashless” Options

Regardless of changing attitudes about marijuana, and despite many states changing their own laws regarding cannabis, the federal government still classifies it as a Schedule 1 drug. This means it’s still technically a federal crime to use, possess or sell cannabis. While the federal government has chosen (for the moment) not to interfere with individual state laws on this matter, federally backed financial institutions like banks and credit card companies still can’t do business with dispensaries without running a risk of money laundering charges. For dispensary owners, this greatly restricts their ability to take checks or credit/debit cards from customers — which means that cash is king. A reliable ATM machine on site ensures customers always have access to cash for their purchases.

Wear and Tear

Since cash is the only accepted form of payment at most cannabis dispensaries, their ATM machines see a lot more use than ATMs at other locations. Machines must be meticulously maintained and constantly restocked. Any breakdown of the machine almost immediately translates to lost sales and revenue. Thus, it’s critically important for dispensary owners not just to install the cheapest version of an ATM, but rather one that is designed for repeated and consistent use — one that holds up under an increased amount of wear-and-tear.

Reliable Warranties and Maintenance

Sometimes, despite everyone’s best efforts, an ATM machine will go down for one reason or another. When this happens, time is of the essence to get it up and running again. If the dispensary owner also owns the machine, it’s up to him or her to get a repair technician on the scene as soon as possible; if the dispensary has a placement contract with an ATM provider, the provider will take care of maintenance and repairs. In either case, it’s of the utmost importance to have a robust warranty in place, and preferably an extensive preventative maintenance plan, to keep downtime to a minimum.

As you can see, it’s important for marijuana dispensaries not just to have an ATM available to customers, but one that is highly reliable, able to hold up to the demands of the business., LLC provides reliable, state-of-the-art ATM machines from only the most reputable manufacturers — and for dispensary owners who don’t want the additional responsibility of care and maintenance, we provide unmatched levels of care and maintenance through our ATM placement program at no charge to the business owner. To learn more about your options for installing a reliable ATM machine in your cannabis dispensary, call us today at 1-866-295-2329.

ATMs for Marijuana Dispensary Businesses

The cannabis industry in the United States is currently experiencing a huge wave of momentum. Ten states and the District of Columbia now already legalized marijuana for recreational use, and all but four states now permit it at some level for medical use. Since most cannabis businesses operate on a cash basis, ATM machines are an excellent investment for marijuana dispensary businesses.

Why Cannabis Businesses Need ATMs

In the short time since individual states began legalizing marijuana, legal cannabis has exploded into a $10 billion industry, with projections running as high as $50 billion in the next ten years. However, dispensary owners still face some real challenges — largely because while states continue to legalize the substance, the federal government still has not. Credit card companies won’t process payments for cannabis, and federally backed banks can’t take dispensaries as customers, forcing these businesses to run almost exclusively on cash. Marijuana dispensaries need reliable ATMs so their customers have easy access to cash when they need it.

Considerations for Marijuana Dispensary ATMs

What are the best ATMs for marijuana dispensaries? The answers will vary based on size, location, and layout of your space, but generally speaking, you want to look for the following in an ATM machine:

  • Time is money. When your customers lose access to cash, you’re losing sales. We recommend only using proven, reliable brands like Triton, Genmega or Hyosung with a proven track record of low maintenance issues.
  • Since ATMs are basically portable bank vaults, you want your unit to be equipped with the latest security and anti-theft protocols.
  • ATM machines come in a number of styles — standalone, kiosk, tabletop, and wall units. The kind you choose will largely depend on where you need to place your unit for maximum visibility and easy access.

Bitcoin ATMs

Given the rise of cryptocurrencies, bitcoin ATMs can also be an excellent option for marijuana dispensaries. Rather than dispensing cash, these units are basically cryptocurrency exchanges that allow customers to purchase bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies using a credit card. The customer then uses the cryptocurrency to make a purchase.

Bottom line — if you run any type of marijuana dispensary business and you don’t provide your customers with an ATM machine, you’re basically leaving money on the table. Fortunately, getting an ATM is easier than you think. To learn more about how to get a cannabis dispensary ATM, call, LLC at 1-866-295-2329.

The Best ATMs for Marijuana Dispensaries

With laws changing involving the use of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes, marijuana dispensaries are becoming more and more common. Of course, it’s worth noting that regulations involving businesses that sell marijuana often stipulate that they only accept cash payments. This requires all customers to have cash on hand, and so it’s only natural for marijuana dispensaries to have an ATM at their location in order to best serve their customers.

Nautilus Hyosung MX2900

This is a great ATM for businesses of all kinds, especially ones that have never had an ATM on the premises before. It’s not overly elaborate in terms of fancy bells and whistles. Instead, it’s easy to use and should have minimal maintenance issues. The MX2900 is also one of the more energy efficient ATMs on the market and can even be set up with solar power, making it a green ATM. There are nearly 2,000 models worldwide, so you know you’re getting a machine with a good reputation that can be trusted.

Genmega GT5000

For marijuana dispensaries interested in a wall or kiosk ATM, the GT5000 is a nice option. It has a compact look but at the same time includes a 15-inch panel and LCD screen, so users won’t have to squint to conduct business. This is also a good model if security is a top priority. The GT5000 has a rear-service panel that allows the ATM operator or any service person to gain safe access to the machine. The GT5000 is also known as a low-maintenance machine, so upkeep should be kept to a minimum.

Triton Argo

With legal marijuana being the way of the future, it could make sense to go with a futuristic-looking ATM, which perfectly describes the Argo. This model has easy-to-read keypads, a large screen, and even touchscreen options. It’s also a printer-less ATM, sending receipts via text or email instead, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ATMs available. The look and design of the Argo also make it the perfect fit for a trendy and popular marijuana dispensary. Most importantly, there are several important security features, including shoulder surfing protection, surveillance camera provision, and skimming protection.

Nautilus Hyosung Monimax 5000

To be fair, this isn’t the fanciest ATM model you’ll find. However, with a small footprint, it’s a good fit for dispensaries that don’t have a lot of open space. It also has an open architecture and several optional features, so it can be modified to fit the specific needs of a shop. It may not be much to look at compared to the Argo, but it’ll get the job done for any dispensary in need of an ATM.

Genmega Onyx

The Onyx is an ATM model that never goes out of style and can work at just about any location. Its top features include a security reflective front, a widescreen, and an LED sign so your customers will have no problem finding it. This model is also compatible with a number of cash dispensers, even ones that aren’t made by Genmega, giving you plenty of options to fit the needs of your particular shop.

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Using Bitcoin ATMs for Marijuana Dispensaries

With 10 states (plus the District of Columbia) and counting having legalized recreational marijuana, and nearly every state legalizing it for medicinal purposes to one extent or another, marijuana dispensaries are popping up on street corners all across the country. It’s one of the fastest growing industries and is expected to gross billions of dollars over the next decade. However, the marijuana industry faces many obstacles and challenges that other industries don’t have to worry about. Fortunately, the cryptocurrency industry and a new type of ATM are providing a solution.

While marijuana is slowly becoming legal in a larger percentage of the country, using and selling it for recreational purposes is still seen as a crime on some level. As a result, a lot of credit card companies and banks won’t do business with marijuana dispensaries. Without the support of a bank or financial institution, it’s almost impossible to operate a business in today’s world. Some cannabis shops have been forced to open accounts under an alias to hide what they sell. The rest have to conduct business entirely with cash, which can complicate things while also making them vulnerable to robbery attempts.

Naturally, most marijuana dispensaries utilize ATMs so that their customers can withdraw the cash they need to make purchases from the shop. But another type of ATM is becoming increasingly popular inside marijuana shops, and it’s called a Bitcoin ATM. Unlike traditional ATMs, users do not physically withdraw Bitcoins from the machine; that would just be asking for trouble in the form of more robberies. However, it does allow patrons of marijuana dispensaries to make purchases without having to use cash. It also makes it easier for shops to get by without the backing of a bank or other financial institution.

Physically, Bitcoin ATMs are free-standing machines like traditional ATMs. However, they are used a little differently. Rather than allowing users to make withdrawals, they allow users to access a cryptocurrency exchange platform that allows them to use cash or a credit card to buy Bitcoin and other types of cryptocurrencies that they can turn around and use to make purchases at a marijuana dispensary. The machine has specialized software that enables quick and convenient cryptocurrency transactions.

Bitcoin ATMs have become so important to the marijuana industry that a company that makes Bitcoin ATMs called Virtual Crypto Technologies has created a machine designed specifically for cannabis dispensaries. When a buyer is ready to make a purchase, they scan a QR code that appears on the shop’s point-of-sale screen interface. This code is specific to each individual transaction. Within seconds, minutes at the most, the store will receive confirmation that Bitcoin or another cryptocurrency has been transferred to pay for the products being purchased.

The software inside the machine allows the transaction to happen in real time. It also searches various cryptocurrency exchange platforms to find one with the lowest exchange rates, ensuring that buyers get a good deal when they are purchasing the Bitcoin. Essentially, the customer is buying Bitcoin and immediately turning around and selling that Bitcoin for products at the marijuana dispensary. With Bitcoin ATMs and similar machines, the process happens in minutes and seconds, making for quick and easy transactions that anyone visiting a marijuana dispensary can use to make a purchase.

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What You Need To Know: Marijuana Dispensary ATMs

Marijuana dispensaries are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses in the country. With a growing number of states allowing for the sale of recreational cannabis and most states legalizing medicinal marijuana in one form or another, marijuana dispensaries aren’t going away anytime soon. In fact, the industry is projected to create billions in revenue over the next decade. If there’s one thing every current and future marijuana dispensary needs to understand, it’s the importance of having a marijuana dispensary ATM on site.

While several states have legalized recreational marijuana, cannabis is still considered illegal on a federal level. Even though this doesn’t stop pot shops from conducting business, it creates certain complications. For starters, most of the major credit card companies won’t allow their customers to conduct transactions at marijuana dispensaries. Also, most major banks won’t take dispensaries as clients, preventing those businesses from making deposits.

As a result, most marijuana dispensaries are left doing most of their sales using cash. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. Using cash is still the fastest way for consumers to make purchases at any type of store. However, if you know that most of your customers are going to use cash to make purchases, whether they have a choice or not, it’s best to have an ATM inside the shop.

Odds are, most customers aren’t going to think ahead before visiting a marijuana dispensary. If they don’t have enough cash to make a purchase, they’ll be out of luck, and so will you, because you won’t get their business. However, if there’s an ATM conveniently located inside the shop, this won’t be a problem. In fact, customers will also be able to get more cash if they end up spending more than they expected.

Not only will an ATM likely lead to more business, but it’ll also mean accepting fewer checks from customers. Since dispensaries can’t always get a bank account, taking checks from customers who don’t have enough cash can be a hassle. This can easily be avoided if customers have easy access to an ATM. When you factor in earning extra income from transaction fees, it’s a win-win for any marijuana dispensary to have an ATM on hand.

Of course, there’s a lot more to know about ATMs than just knowing that you need one. For starters, it’s safe to assume that an ATM at a marijuana dispensary is going to get a lot of use, potentially thousands of transactions per month. This means being able to restock the machine on a regular basis so it never runs out of cash. It also means knowing who to call for any technical problems that could arise. Finally, marijuana dispensaries should make sure they have an ATM that’s easy to use, durable, and secure, so they can make their customers feel comfortable and safe when using it.

Whether you run a marijuana dispensary or any other type of business,, LLC can take care of all your ATM needs. We can sell you an ATM or offer both partial and full ATM placement. If you run a marijuana dispensary, you’re doing yourself a disservice if you don’t have an ATM on site. Fortunately,, LLC can tell you everything you need to know about buying or placing an ATM so that your legalized marijuana business can thrive. Contact us today to learn more about marijuana dispensary ATMs.