Gas Station ATM

Besides banks and convenience stores, gas stations are the most popular places for ATMs. If your store does not yet have one, you are missing out on an increase in profits and revenue, as well a way to attract even more customers.

Everyone who drives a car stops into a gas station or convenience store at some point, whether they are driving a few miles back and forth to work every day or taking long trips out of town. They need fuel, a place to stop and stretch, a place to grab a snack or a place to ask for directions. Having a Gas Station ATM, front and center provides your customers with an additional reason to stop at your store.

Studies have shown that when customers withdraw cash from an ATM, they are up to 50 percent more likely to spend some money in the location where the ATM is located. This could lead to you potentially doubling your profits.

Ways to add an ATM to your store

If you want to add an ATM machine to your store, you have a number of options:

  • Buy an ATM. For approximately $2,000 to $2,500, you can buy an ATM outright and retain 100 percent of the revenue for your own pocket. It pays for itself very quickly.
  • Lease an ATM. If you are not quite ready to buy, consider leasing an ATM machine with a lease-to-own option. You simply make monthly payments with interest.
  • Gas Station ATM Placement Program. At, LLC, we offer an ATM placement program that allows you to place an ATM in your business at no cost to you. We deliver and install the machine, as well as provide maintenance and cash supply. You earn a percentage of the revenue from each transaction, and we deposit that money into an account for you daily.
  • ATM Partnership Program. Our ATM Partnership Program requires a little more involvement on your part, but you also earn a larger percentage of the revenue. If you take part in this program, you maintain the cash levels in the machine, and earn 50 percent of the revenue, which is also deposited into your account daily.

To learn more about buying or leasing an ATM for your convenience store or gas station, or taking part in our ATM Partnership and Placement Programs, contact, LLC at 1-866-295-2329 today.