What is a Mobile ATM?

Whether you’re hosting a music festival, trade show, fashion expo, flea market or some other outdoor special event, providing easy access to cash is a must. If your attendees have to go offsite to find an ATM machine, chances are they won’t come back. Mobile ATM machines provide a perfect solution to this dilemma, not only for the added convenience for your guests, but also for improving vendor sales and even bringing in supplemental income in the process.

As the name suggests, a mobile ATM is a standalone unit that can be moved according to need, allowing it to be placed nearly anywhere. Mobile ATMs can be strategically placed where visibility and foot traffic are highest so your event attendees can easily spot them. And since they transmit and receive data wirelessly, there’s no need for a phone line connection — all that’s needed is a power source.

Advantages of Using Mobile ATMs

Why should you consider installing mobile ATM machines at your next special event or outdoor event? Let’s look at a few key reasons:

  • More revenue for your vendors. Most of the cash withdrawn from event ATMs will spent at the event — and some of your vendors will probably operate cash-only. By making cash readily available to attendees, you’ll improve your vendors’ profits, incentivizing them to return for your next event.
  • Convenience for your attendees. Your event attendees need access to money to spend at your event. If a vendor only takes cash and the attendees’ cash is running low, they’ll either stop spending or go offsite hunting for the nearest ATM. If they leave the premises, there’s a good chance they won’t come back. Providing this courtesy makes it easier for attendees to enjoy the event while keeping an uninterrupted cash flow.
  • Place ATMs strategically for maximum use. No need to worry about phone lines because mobile ATMs are equipped to conduct transactions wirelessly. As long as you can plug the machine into a power source, you can place it wherever most people who need it will be hanging out.
  • Weather proof. Worried about bad weather? Don’t fret; many mobile ATMs are designed to be used outdoors, even in rainy or cold conditions.
  • Supplemental revenue. When you work with an ATM provider like National ATM, you receive a portion of the service fee for every transaction. This provides an additional source of revenue to help you offset the cost of the event and even increase profits.

Where Can a Mobile ATM Be Useful?

Mobile ATMs provide added convenience and boosted profitability for many types of events, such as:

  • Outdoor concerts and music festivals
  • Home improvement expos
  • Auto, boat and RV shows
  • Merchandising trade shows
  • Annual fairs
  • …and much more!

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Using Mobile ATMs for Special Outdoor Events

When you’re organizing any kind of special outdoor event — whether it’s a concert, festival, trade show, expo or any other kind of large gathering outdoors — one of your biggest challenges is making sure your attendees have easy access to cash. Quite often, the event’s success hinges on how much money people spend and how much revenue your vendors can take in. Not all vendors can process credit cards, and if attendees start running out of cash, the last thing you want is for them to leave the event to find an ATM. In these cases, special event ATMs can make the difference between success and failure for your outdoor event.

Why Provide Mobile ATMs at Your Event

A mobile ATM machine is just as its name suggests: it’s a standalone machine that is designed for easy, flexible placement. By using mobile ATMs at your special outdoor event, your attendees can easily spot the nearest place to get extra cash — and studies show that most of the dollars withdrawn from these ATMs get spent at the event itself. This results in the following benefits:

  • Increased profits for vendors. With easy access to cash and uninterrupted cash flow, vendors almost always make more money when ATMs are nearby. (This means they’re more likely to come back for your next outdoor event.)
  • Increased attendee satisfaction. If event attendees run out of cash, they typically either leave the grounds to find an ATM, or they simply stop spending money. Either way, you’ve made it inconvenient for that attendee to be at your event, and less likely to come to the next one. ATM placement helps ensure a positive experience.
  • Income boost for you. By working with a provider like National ATM, you will receive a percentage of the service charge for each transaction — and since lots of people will be using these machines, that can add up to a significant boost in revenue.

Advantages of Mobile ATMs

Strategically placed mobile ATMs offer many advantages with practically no down sides. Let’s look at a few of these features:

  • Flexible placement. Because these machines are mobile, you can place them strategically for maximum exposure and foot traffic. If a particular location isn’t seeing enough traffic, you can move it.
  • Weather proof. With outdoor ATMs, there’s no need to worry about rain or inclement weather; they’re designed to be used safely outdoors.
  • Wireless capability. Mobile ATMs are designed to conduct transactions wirelessly, so there’s no need for phone line access. All you need is a power source.
  • Stress-free. When you work with a provider like National ATM, these machines are placed and maintained at no cost to you. Just relax and enjoy the benefits of customer convenience and your share of the transaction fees.

Special outdoor events that offer mobile ATMs for their attendees typically see a dramatic increase in profits compared to the alternative. To learn how easy it is to include mobile ATM machines at your next special event, call AtmMachines.com, LLC at 1-866-295-2329.

Using Mobile ATMs for Outdoor & Special Events

Scenario: You’re in charge of planning for an expo, festival or other special event drawing a large crowd. You’ve spent the better part of a year (or two) planning the event. You’ve got the booths filled, the stage schedule set, the vendors booked, the tickets sold. You’re expecting hundreds, maybe thousands of attendees, all of whom are coming to spend money. There’s just one problem: There’s nowhere convenient on the festival grounds or in the venue for visitors to get cash. That’s where it pays to rent one or more mobile ATM machines for placement at your outdoor and/or special event.

What Is a Mobile ATM?

What is the primary difference between a mobile ATM machine and one that is permanently installed? Aside from the obvious portability factor, a mobile ATM is one that serves your purposes only for the length of your event. You rent the machines from a reputable company like National Wholesale ATM, who takes responsibility for installing, maintaining and refilling the machines, as well as tracking transactions. Your attendees get the convenience of cash when they need it, and when the event is over, the machines are removed.

Advantages of Renting Mobile ATMs

There are several key benefits to using mobile ATMs for special outdoor events, as well as for food and music festivals — and indeed for any large gathering where people are likely to spend money. Let’s look at a few of the advantages:

  • Easy cash access for attendees. If a festival attendee runs low on cash and has to leave the grounds to get more, he/she is more likely either to leave and not return — or simply to stay and stop spending. Providing ATM access is convenient for your attendees, and it helps keep the cash flow going.
  • More revenue for your vendors. Not all vendors will come equipped with mobile credit card processors, and not all your attendees will want to pay by card. Keeping an easy cash option available means attendees are likely to spend more money at the booths, merch tables, etc. When you make the event more profitable for your vendors, they’re more likely to return next year.
  • Greater profitability all around. Studies show that 75 percent of cash received at an onsite ATMs is spent onsite. More cash means more money spent, adding to your overall bottom line at the event. (Not to mention you’re getting a surcharge on every ATM transaction that occurs during the event or festival.)

Considerations when Renting Mobile ATMs

Providing mobile ATMs for your festival or special event requires some pre-planning and strategy, from figuring out electrical access to visibility issues to who will be maintaining the machines. To ensure your machines deliver maximum results at your festival, this article shares a few additional factors to keep in mind.

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